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FTTR Enables the Ultimate Guest Experience

FTTR Enables the Ultimate Guest Experience

Resorts World Las Vegas

In a city where revenue is measured by the square foot, Resorts World is the largest hotel property built on the Las Vegas strip since 2011. From the 117,000 sq. ft. casino to more than 3,500 rooms, and all points in between, an integrated technology experience and a first-rate connectivity solution was essential to the hotel’s success.

The goal was to help Resorts World Las Vegas build a state-of-the-art property with a focus on guest and employee experience. Corning was able bring a fiber-rich, fully integrated network with 5+ connected devices to each room. For a large technology-heavy hotel venue such as this hotel, a traditional network would require hundreds of telecom rooms. By using Corning® Everon® Network Solutions, the hotel only needed 24 telecom rooms.

Download the full case study PDF and be sure to see what’s possible for your network by checking out Corning’s technology solutions for the Hospitality Industry.

“From the entertainment & nightlife, to convention space, the spa & pool experience, room accommodations, and guests of all levels, we wanted to be best in class in everything we did. And we succeeded in that.”

- Scott SIbella, President & CEO, Resorts World, LLC

Fiber to the Room = Software-Defined Network + Long-Reach Power and Data

Fiber to the Room = Software-Defined Network + Long-Reach Power and Data

To meet the extraordinary technology and bandwidth demands of this hotel property, a traditional network would have required hundreds of telecom rooms. By using Corning® Everon® Network Solutions, Resorts World only required 24 telecom rooms. Delivering power and bandwidth to all guests, employees, and the edge of the network across this 88-acre property was made possible through Corning’s collaborative efforts to develop a state-of-the-art, software-defined network distributed over a fiber-to-the-room and remote-DC architecture. With over 22,000 ethernet ports, the technology and guest experience at Resorts World is second to none.



80% Fewer Telecom Rooms
Reduction in telecom rooms means more efficient space usage


Scalable Network


10x Longer Distances
Fiber to the room allows delivery of data and power 10x the distance of traditional networks


Cost Effective


8:1 Cabling
Reduction in home run cabling in 3,500 rooms


Project by the Numbers
Over 3,500 guest rooms/suites
88-acre property
2,000+ security cameras
30Gb of wireless data handled every 15 minutes
5+ connected devices per room

Video: The Technical Facts

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