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What is Corning’s Long-Reach Solution?

What is Corning’s Long-Reach Solution?

Corning’s Long-Reach Solutions offer cost-effective, reliable, and scalable long distance connectivity that can enable the deployment of complex technologies across the extended reach of campuses. Our Long-Reach Solution offers a streamlined architecture that can adapt to future needs and grow with flexible cable infrastructure, intelligent remote power, and connectivity at the edge with our media converters and touchless networking. Download our one pager to learn more >>

If you need to extend your network infrastructure beyond the traditional 100-meter distance limitations of Category cable networks, Corning's Long-Reach solutions are the ideal long distance fiber optic solution for higher educationhealthcareparking garages, and more. With these cost-effective and reliable unmanaged fiber solutions, you can achieve connectivity up to 2,000 feet or more, without sacrificing bandwidth or power delivery.

Corning's portfolio of long-reach solutions includes the ActiFi® Hybrid Cable, the CIP (Corning Intelligent Power) Solution, and fiber-fed devices such as the 10G HPoE Media Converters or the end-to-end Touchless Networking Solution.

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Corning's Long-Reach solutions are the ideal choice for organizations that need reliable, high-performance connectivity.

Connectivity at the edge


Connectivity at the edge

Intelligent remote power solutions


Intelligent remote power solutions

Long-reach flexible cable infrastructure


Long-reach flexible cable infrastructure


Corning’s Portfolio of Long-Reach Solutions

Corning’s portfolio of long-reach solutions includes the ActiFi® Hybrid Cable, the CIP (Corning Intelligent Power) Solution, and fiber-fed devices such as the 10G HPoE Media Converters or the end-to-end Touchless Networking Solution.

10G 90W HPoE Media Converter

The media converter provides a cost-effective solution to extend individual ports to devices at the edge, as it is interoperable with existing copper or fiber switches and is compatible with Corning’s end-to-end fiber, power hardware, and connectivity solutions.

Our New FMC features two dip switches on its face, introducing new functions. The “Watch Dog” dipswitch will reset the PoE power to the powered device (PD) if it stops transmitting data for more than 300 seconds. The “Link Fault Pass-Through” (LFP) dipswitch provides link down status to the switch for both local and remote FMCs. If both dipswitches are turned off, the Gen 2 FMC will perform just like the Gen 1 version.

ActiFi® Hybrid Cable Long-Reach Flexible Cable Infrastructure

Corning’s ActiFi Hybrid Cable delivers data and power to the very edge of your network by using both fiber and copper conductors. Reaching more than 2,000ft, this cable is ideal for Long-Reach Solutions and remote powering needs for your network.

Corning Intelligent Power (CIP)

The Corning Intelligent Power Units are compact, scalable, low-voltage power supplies (Class 2, 57 VDC/100 W) that achieve ultimate port density to deliver more power with less space.

Touchless Networking Case Study

A sports stadium needed to connect 48 remote, outdoor security cameras but had limited local power options. They leveraged Touchless Networking and saved 50% on their network deployment compared to a legacy Category network. With this future-ready capability in place, they can seamlessly upgrade to a fully-managed SD-LAN solution to add day-two applications such as outdoor Wi-Fi.

Learn more by visiting the solution overview to find use cases, kitted offerings, and ordering information. Or, check out this 5-minute video with expert Ron Wells as he explains Touchless Networking in more detail.

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NCSSM Case Study

The North Carolina School of Science and Math is a publicly funded STEM based high school that models how a statewide approach to collaboration and the use of physical and virtual spaces can create tremendous innovation in public education. The Morganton campus is a mixture of historic and new buildings, including dorms where students live 24/7. Delivering state-of-the-art technologies seamlessly across the campus was key to creating a safe and collaborative environment for students and faculty.

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