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Whether you are operating an Enterprise/Private, Hyperscale/Cloud, or Multitenant data center, reliability, flexibility, scalability, and sustainability are the pillars of a robust data center structured cabling infrastructure. Reliability ensures consistent data center security and flow, while sustainability helps avoid waste through sustainable data center practices. Scalability supports unhindered growth, and flexibility allows for seamless data center adjustments. Corning is your trusted ally in building a future-ready, secure, and cost-effective data center network. We offer the tools, resources, and support required to empower the world with cutting-edge solutions.

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Data Center Structured Cabling FAQs

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  • What is data center structured cabling?

    Structured cabling is a standardized system used to organize and link the telecommunications infrastructure in buildings or campuses. The primary goal of data center structured cabling is to establish a flexible and scalable framework capable of efficiently transmitting data, voice, video, and other information among diverse devices and systems.

  • What are the benefits of structured cabling for data centers?

    The organized nature of structured cabling simplifies troubleshooting, reducing downtime and enhancing reliability. Over the long term, the cost-effectiveness of data center structured cabling becomes apparent through streamlined maintenance and adaptability to new technologies. The integration of services, adherence to standards, and centralized management contribute to a more efficient and consistent network.

  • What does data center structured cabling look like?

    Structured cabling is a well-organized system featuring standardized cables neatly arranged within designated pathways like conduits or cable trays. Patch panels, mounted on racks, act as termination points, allowing easy device connections and disconnections for efficient troubleshooting. Racks and cabinets house network equipment, providing a centralized and organized space. Clear labeling, cable management systems, and a structured design layout contribute to the system's efficiency and ease of maintenance. Using structured cabling results in an organized appearance that adheres to industry standards, emphasizing functionality, reliability, and scalability for a robust network infrastructure.

Data Center Articles, Tools, and Trends

Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Your Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Your Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence might help discover new levels of efficiency, but the trade-off is a massive increase in demand for bandwidth. Find out how data centers are affected by this new technology and how fiber optics in the data center helps in meeting the needs to support the increase in bandwidth.

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Multitenant Data Centers are key to Managing Data without Breaking the Bank

Multitenant Data Centers are key to Managing Data without Breaking the Bank

With an increased demand on data centers caused by the massive expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its associated technology requirements, many infrastructures need upgrading in order to keep up. A facility that’s future-ready will offer scalability, flexibility, modularity, and stringent service-level agreements.

Find out how to manage your multitenant data center infrastructure in this article that first appeared on April 2018.

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40 | 100G Multimode Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center

40 | 100G Multimode Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center

Multimode fiber remains a leading optical media in the data center for short-reach distances up to 150 meters. Forty and 100G multimode fiber backbones are being deployed to facilitate data center 10G and 25G server connections. 

By Doug Coleman
Appearing In 7 x 24 Magazine Spring 2018

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