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What is a Fiber Optic Local Area Network (LAN)?

What is a Fiber Optic Local Area Network (LAN)?

A local area network, or LAN, is a geographically limited network intended for the local transport of voice, data, and video. Often referred to as an enterprise network, a LAN is just one of many types of area networks. It can be a small in-building network designed to connect IP devices, or a large network connecting multiple sites or buildings in a medical or university campus.

Why is optical fiber the best choice for your LAN?

You need a LAN that is scalable, robust and cost-effective. A local area network that's ready for what’s now and what’s next. That’s why optical fiber is ideal for local area networks. When Corning invented low-loss optical fiber more than 50 years ago, it began a telecommunications revolution that continues to shape the world. Learn more about Corning’s contributions to optical fiber, and how those are shaping the future.

Where is a fiber optic LAN?

The LAN is made up of three primary applications: outside plant or campus network, in-building, and the horizontal. These areas contain both active (electronics) and passive (cabling) components that enable the transfer of data to all devices connected to the LAN network. Understanding your network needs is critical to providing a network that will support your needs today and allow your network to grow into the future.

Why is a reliable fiber optic LAN so crucial?

Your local area network (LAN) is the heart of your organization – connecting all the IP devices and providing the bandwidth and reliability needed to run your business. Whether you are connecting devices to the network through wired or wireless connections.

How can Corning help with your fiber optic LAN solution?

Creating a well-planned fiber optic backbone for your network infrastructure is what we do. We are here to ensure that you have the tools, resources, and support you need to build that is scalable, reliable, and cost-effective network that is easy to deploy. Contact us today!

Network Managers Need Their LANs to be:

Network Managers Need Their LANs to be:

Scalable Network

The future requirements of your local area network are unclear and ever changing. Corning® Everon® Network Solutions are design to scale, providing you a simple way to get the capability you need, at any size.



Downtime of your local area network causes a reduced productivity and undesirable customer experience resulting in a considerable loss of revenue. It is critical to have a network that is reliable and minimizes downtime by installing solutions that are available, compatible and easy to deploy.


Cost Effective

Network owners are challenged to do more with less. Innovative local area network products that reduce installation time and require less training can reduce overall project cost. 

Tools and Resources

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