Revolutionizing Mobility: Connected Transportation Network Solutions

The Intelligent Transportation System Evolution

Fiber optic technology is revolutionizing the transportation industry by enabling faster, more reliable communication, enhancing safety, and improving operational efficiency. The transportation industry, encompassing highways, railroads, and subways, is undergoing a significant evolution as it embraces intelligent transportation systems. 

A secure and connected network is the foundation of modern transportation infrastructure. Whether it's establishing optical backbone connections, ensuring seamless cellular connectivity, or extending network reach to the edges, Corning offers a comprehensive and adaptable product range.

With our solutions, no matter the transportation project, you can exceed the escalating demands for bandwidth and data, paving the way for a truly connected and efficient transportation experience.

Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of fiber optics?

The Vital Role of Transportation IT Infrastructure

Transportation IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping modern societies, revolutionizing the way people and goods move from one place to another. It serves as the backbone for efficient transportation systems, facilitating seamless communication, coordination, and management across various modes of transportation.

It fosters sustainability by promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation and enabling the integration of renewable energy sources. In essence, investing in robust transportation IT infrastructure is crucial for building resilient, interconnected communities and driving economic growth in the digital age.

Highways and Railways

Embrace the Evolution: Leveraging Intelligent Transportation Systems  
for Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency

Solution Spotlight

Solution Spotlight

MiniXtend® Cable: Revolutionizing Bandwidth Capacity and Network Duct Congestion

Corning's MiniXtend® cable is the solution to the ever-growing demand for unlimited bandwidth capacity and the escalating issue of network duct congestion. Utilizing microduct technology, MiniXtend addresses these challenges seamlessly, ensuring scalability without disrupting the surrounding environment.

Specifically designed for installation in microduct systems using air-assisted installation methods, MiniXtend micro cables boast a compact design, being up to 50% smaller than standard loose tube cables, while offering high fiber counts within a minimal cable diameter footprint.

Corning's innovative optical micro cabling solutions include the MiniXtend and MiniXtend HD cables, featuring binderless FastAccess® technology.

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