Evolv™ Hardened Connectivity Solutions

This is the FTTx preconn breakthrough you’ve been waiting for

The Evolv™ Solution enables operators to push their networks to go faster, go simpler, go smaller and go anywhere.

Our world is getting smaller, as networks connect people and devices all over the globe. Next-generation passive optical and 5G networks promise to deliver life-changing applications at ever increasing speeds. These network architectures require advanced solutions to support increased bandwidth demands.

When it comes to preconn solutions, Corning has a rich history of innovation

Go Faster

"Stick & Click"

Go Faster: “Stick & Click”

"Stick & Click" mating enables one-handed installation, split-second connectivity with audible feedback.

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Go Simpler

One Product

One product works in all environments, minimizing training requirements.

Installing drops could not be easier and with both audible and physical positive feedback, technician variation is minimized and potential damage due to mishandling is virtually eliminated.

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Go Smaller

Up to 4x smaller

Up to 4x smaller than conventional preconn terminals.

The Evolv™ Solution can squeeze into some very tight spaces, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Go Anywhere

Save time, space, infrastructure, and inventory

Save time, save space, save infrastructure, save inventory. All without compromising the aesthetics of your building.

Our new go-anywhere solutions are as easy to use as push, lock, connected.

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