EDGE™ Data Center Solutions

Over 50 million EDGE™ fiber terminations successfully deployed since 2009!​

EDGE™ Solutions — Commit to THE Platform with THE demonstrated record of success

EDGE™ Solutions — Commit to THE Platform with THE demonstrated record of success

Corning's unwavering commitment to the EDGE™ Platform for over a decade has driven the Private Data Center industry forward. Evolving from lower density legacy hardware solutions, to high density data center optimized solutions prevalent in the market today. Available in ClearCurve® OM3, OM4 and single-mode, EDGE simplifies MTP®-based structured cabling to ensure networks have an optimized migration path as networks grow from 10G to 100G, to 400G and beyond.

EDGE constantly innovates new preterminated solutions that offer high deployment speeds, sustainability, and labor-saving benefits, making it easier for Data Centers to meet the high-density demands of the modern network. Our products consider the total cost of ownership, and provide peace of mind for the physical infrastructure, mitigating risk and keeping your network secure with easy-to-use preconnectorized EDGE components.

The future is uncertain, but with EDGE, your data center network doesn't have to be. Our commitment to continuous improvement means your infrastructure will always be up-to-date and capable of meeting evolving demands. Whether you're building something new or upgrading an existing system, choose EDGE for long-lasting reliability. Learn more about the infinite possibilities for EDGE Solutions in Data Centers.

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Always evolving, but the EDGE foundation remains the same.

Always evolving, but the EDGE foundation remains the same.

While EDGE solutions continue to evolve, the foundation that they were designed upon – a fundamental understanding of the pain points inherent in managing a data center – has not. Density, network uptime, speed, simplicity, and a clear migration path to meet future requirements – these are all still critical considerations in any data center environment.

The EDGE Solution Guarantee

Commitment to the Platform

No surprises. Always consistent. EDGE evolves with your data center.

Highest Quality from start to finish

Manufactured, tested, and 100% product quality guarantee. 

Reduces Installation Time

The newest EDGE innovations reduce installation time by up to 70%.*

Comprehensive and Configurable

Networking monitoring, mesh modules, custom colors, and more.

EDGE Products

EDGE Products

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Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Corning understands the value of clean connectors to ensure optical performance. We have developed a factory cleaning and sealing process, CleanAdvantage™ technology, to ensure a pristine end face upon first use.

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*Base case: Row of 18 server cabinets with four fibers provided to each cabinet

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