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Easy Installations with Pigtailed Splice Cassettes

Easy Installations with Pigtailed Splice Cassettes

Corning's cassette-based hardware families simplify and expedite installations. Our pigtailed splice cassettes come preloaded and pre-routed so you can just open, splice, and go. 

Optimize your Cassettes with MIC® 250 2.0 Cable

Corning CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassettes streamline installations with traditional tight buffer cables, but when paired with MIC 250 2.0, you'll enjoy a quickereasier, and neater install reducing deployment time by up to 40%, and hardware and cabling preparation by 50-75%.

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Features Benefits
 9% smaller diameter than traditional indoor cables   Allows for easier routing and handling 
 Available in 12 different jacket colors  Gives you quick and easy identification when splicing 
 Less bend memory than typical tight buffer cables  Yields overall neater install
 All dialectric cable requires no grounding or bonding   Faster and easier to install 

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

Any way you splice it – fiber optic fusion splicing offers superior performance compared to all the field connectivity options. Fusion splicers that were once prohibitively expensive and tricky to operate are now an affordable option and don't require highly-skilled labor – making them a great way to reclaim system loss.


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