Paving the way for cleaner air, cleaner water, and healthier generations to come

Corning’s sustainability journey began 170 years ago with an emphasis on safety, innovation, and community engagement. In recent years, we’ve expanded our scope to include a broader focus on renewable energy, reducing waste, and designing and manufacturing products with sustainable attributes in partnership with our customers.

We have always known that what we do today will determine how our world looks tomorrow and beyond. In our long-term vision, people are healthier. They’re better informed. They’re more richly connected with one another. That long view has played out time and time again over our history. Our 1970 breakthrough discoveries in optical fiber helped unleash a communications revolution that continues to change the world today. Our 1971 invention of emissions-control substrates started a new era that continues to make air cleaner and healthier. Our 2020 deployment of resources to support the fight against COVID-19 helped create healthier environments for those on the front lines. As our people keep making a positive difference in the world, our culture also ensures that we are a company built to last. We know that innovation, done our way, is sustainable only with a deeply engrained moral compass and the trust of our stakeholders.

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