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Corning’s Newest Innovation to Take In-Building Cellular Connectivity to the Next Level

Dr. Shirish Nagaraj
Published: February 22, 2024

In our increasingly digital world, reliable in-building cellular connectivity is essential. However, this has proven to be a significant challenge in large high-volume environments. For instance, the farther away a cell tower is from a large facility like an airport, the harder it is to make a call from the terminal or ride-sharing zone. This is due to the fact that cell signals often struggle to penetrate dense building materials, especially when the tower is not in close proximity to the facility, leading to what we commonly refer to as "dead zones." This issue is further exacerbated by the higher-frequency spectrums used by 5G, such as the C-band, which have limited ability to penetrate dense structures.

To address these issues, Corning Incorporated has invented the Everon® 5G Enterprise Radio Access Network (ERAN), a state-of-the-art multi-operator, multiband cellular solution designed to provide reliable indoor cellular connectivity. This innovation combines the best elements of small cell radio access networks (RAN) and distributed antenna system (DAS) technologies, taking in-building cellular connectivity to the next level by enabling a robust unified radio distribution system from multiple mobile operators and private networks. This is a major departure from legacy solutions that traditionally limit enterprises to one operator at a time.

Moreover, this breakthrough solution can accelerate deployments by up to 75% by requiring a one-time installation of multiple nodes throughout a facility, rather than multiple nodes per operator. This approach also reduces the total cost of ownership for operators and enterprises by up to 50%, as it allows for sharing the infrastructure and installation costs. Another significant advantage of the Everon® 5G ERAN is its use of software-based solutions. This innovation also incorporates elements of Open RAN (ORAN) technology and virtualized RAN (vRAN) technologies that allow for improved flexibility and software upgradability.

One of the significant advantages of the Everon® 5G ERAN solution is its ability to streamline and reduce network infrastructure by enabling multiple operators’ services on a single, operator-agnostic platform. This means facility owners and enterprises can provide scalable and unparalleled cellular service for employees and customers within their facilities—improving overall connectivity. This is especially important for high-density areas such as hospitals, airports, and hotels, where reliable cellular connectivity is not just a convenience, but a necessity.

For the hospitality industry, it means improved customer experience, as guests can enjoy seamless and reliable cellular connectivity from outdoor amenities to their room, irrespective of their mobile operator. In office spaces, the Everon® 5G ERAN solution can boost productivity and enable efficient communication by providing robust and uninterrupted network service. In the healthcare sector, the Everon® 5G ERAN can be a lifesaver. Hospitals rely on clear and constant communication for efficient patient care and emergency responses. With this solution, medical staff can stay connected across all areas of the hospital, facilitating swift communication and response times. Hospitals can also run a dedicated private network on the same infrastructure at the same time, enabling a myriad of healthcare facility use-cases and applications. This can also enhance the patient experience as they can maintain contact with their loved ones without any network issues.

This Corning innovation is a prime example of how technological advancements can directly improve our daily lives, providing reliable connectivity where we need it most. As our world continues to evolve, solutions like this will be essential in ensuring we stay connected, no matter where we are.

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Dr. Shirish Nagaraj

Dr. Shirish Nagaraj serves as CTO for Corning Wireless, where he is responsible for product management and technology innovation. In the past he has led technology development for the Wireless business unit, which delivers world-leading in-building cellular products for Tier-1 operators. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing, architecting, and developing the 5G mmWave small-cell system that is now deployed commercially at high profile stadiums, private enterprises, and other such venues. Corning Wireless develops radio access network (RAN) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) software and hardware, with development centers in the U.S. and India.

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