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Spend your CARES Act dollars before time runs out!

Spend your CARES Act dollars before time runs out!

On higher-ed campuses everywhere, the learning model has changed a lot this year. Instruction is turning virtual, and everyone is adjusting to new ways of interacting.

Technology is key in this shift from the traditional classroom experience. With a few months left to spend federal CARES Act dollars on technology, Corning can help find a solution that’s just right for the needs of your campus. That way your community can stay connected, and the learning can continue.

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What is the CARES Act?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARESAct signed into law March 28, 2020, provides almost $14 billion that will go directly to higher education institutions to support the costs of shifting classes online, and for grants to students for food, housing, technology, and other purposes. Some examples include:

  • Distance Learning Tech: Computers, devices, AV equipment, licensing fees, software, internet and IT equipment
  • Security: Technology purchased to address gaps in remote learning security

You may have funding available! Corning can help by:

  • Acting as a solution architect to explore the needs of your school
  • Leveraging our Network of Preferred Installers to ensure timely, expert deployment
  •  Providing solutions and products before the funding deadline

Corning solutions can enhance connectivity and easily integrate applications to the network.

  • Software-Defined Networking that can help quickly add return-to-campus applications (A/V, cameras, Wi-Fi, sensors) to your network
  • Fiber-to-the-edge networking to deploy applications across campus
  • Cellular products, including small cell and DAS, to improve in-building connectivity
  • Remote powering for devices at the edge of the network

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