Creating a connected senior living experience

Stay ahead of your community’s technology needs

Stay ahead of your community’s technology needs

As adults who are accustomed to smart phones, smart homes, and social media start to look at their senior living options, reliable connectivity is a key consideration. To keep up with growing technology demands, communities are turning to Corning’s trusted network solutions to deliver the bandwidth and flexibility they need.

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Faster Deployments
Solutions designed to deliver faster installations and quicker system turn up times.  Backed by an extensive engineering team, we design our solutions with your network in mind.

The world trusts our fiber optic technology to connect people globally over a billion kilometers of Corning optical fiber and to connect millions of homes and enterprises. You can too.

5G ready network solutionsLess Cost
Our network solutions can reduce capital expenses by more than 30% and can reduce future upgrade costs by 50%. LAN and cellular networks that improve your bottom line.

More Capability
Technologies like 5G, WiFi6 and IOT require much more network capacity. Our streamlined infrastructure is designed to handle tomorrows technology, today.

Creating Connected Communities: Smart Technology Strategies for Senior Living

Creating Connected Communities: Smart Technology Strategies for Senior Living

From telehealth to campus-wide Wi-Fi – connectivity is no longer an amenity; it’s a necessity for senior living. However, communities often face challenges when looking to implement new technology programs such as disruptive upgrades, network limitations, and limited funding for future needs. 

This webinar discusses creative tech strategies and examines how Givens Communities was prepared to quickly pivot during the pandemic to meet their surge in data usage and enable new technologies.


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