A Future-Ready Fiber to the Room Network Infrastructure for Your Hotel

Fiber to the Room Technology: Building Connections So Hotel Guests Can Make Them

Fiber to the Room Technology: Building Connections So Hotel Guests Can Make Them

Connecting an array of devices and applications, consuming large amounts of data is a challenge for many hospitality owners and operators. Courtyard by Marriott property owners faced this challenged and Fiber to the Room was the network solution that delivered an exceptional guest experience.

Leveraging Corning Everon Network Solutions, with the ability to converge multiple technologies over a single network infrastructure, his hotel property is now future ready for bandwidth demands that are ever increasing. And that is leading to more happy guests and repeat business.

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Connecting the hotel of tomorrow

Unlike traditional copper networks, Corning’s “wire-it-once” fiber-based solutions are modular and scalable. You’ll get speed and reliability today and in the future. It’s easy to add applications with little to no new network infrastructure, making rip-and-replace upgrades a thing of the past.

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Creating the Hotel of the Future

Every hotel guest has certain expectations when they book their stay. They expect top tier customer service, affordable prices and ample amenities – and chief among them is fast, reliable Internet. Guests are more likely to complain about shoddy Wi-Fi than delayed room service or a late check-in.  Technology in the hospitality space is rapidly evolving, and hospitality companies need to reimagine what the hotel of the future looks like to keep up with visitors' expectations.

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