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Hotel WiFi Network Solution: A Fiber-to-the-Room Case Study

Hospitality: Large Luxury Resort Chain, Southeast USA

Hospitality: Large Luxury Resort Chain, Southeast USA


This new hotel needed to differentiate itself from the competition, in part through technology offerings and a robust infrastructure. The owners plan to build three resorts in the area; this 650-room resort was the first.

The Project Leads:
Abel, the regional director of IT, is responsible for deciding what kind of network infrastructure to implement. Alice, the CTO, is responsible for aligning technology investment decisions with company goals.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Wi-Fi consistently ranks as the top amenity demanded by guests. The resort chain was expanding, with plans to build three additional resorts across the country, and more to come. The owners did not want to jeopardize their strong record of positive customer ratings, and knew the significance of a connected guest experience. This would require a seamless user experience in each guest room, for any application.

Meeting the End Users’ Needs

  • A fiber-to-the-room infrastructure and IP delivery to enable the connected experience
  •  A simple network expansion, with one primary manufacturer
  •  A future-flexible network

The Solution

The Solution

Corning® Everon Distributed Antenna Systems supports fiber deeper in the horizontal, enabling convergence and saving up to 30 percent initially and up to 50 percent on future upgrades.

Growth and change can be complicated, but they don't have to be. To simplify the process, the project leads created a standard for their infrastructure. Once they decided to go with a software-defined local area network (SD-LAN), Corning – who invented low-loss optical fiber and provides extensive service and support – was the clear choice.

Deploying the Corning Everon Distributed Antenna Systems solution with SD-LAN allowed the resort to provide critical services to enhance the guest experience. This included a variety of services and offerings, from IPTV, reliable Wi-Fi, and security services to gaming options, fitness machine connectivity, and lighting control. The investment in the cabling infrastructure now will pay off in the future, with an easy and cost-effective path to add technologies and services.

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Solution Benefits

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