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All of Your Fiber Optic Connector, Splicing, and Termination Solutions in One Place!

All of Your Fiber Optic Connector, Splicing, and Termination Solutions in One Place!

From mechanical to splice-on termination technology there are a lot of options when building out your fiber optic infrastructure. We offer field termination options, with UniCam, splice-on, pigtailed cassette or anaerobic-cured connectors. Regardless of the termination method you choose for your deployment, we have the tailored products that feature intuitive fiber management and offer labor and installation time savings.

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Fiber Optic Connector and Splice Solutions Portfolio

Anaerobic/Cured Connectors

Corning anaerobic-cured connectors offer optical performance in a fast, easy field-termination solution designed for fiber-to-the-workstation applications for single-mode and multimode connections. 


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No Epoxy/No Polish

Installing fiber optic connectors is made fast and easy with UniCam® connectors. These technician-friendly fiber optic connectors install easily in just a few steps, with optical performance guaranteed.


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Splice Solutions

Splice solutions enable fast, reliable fusion splicing connectivity for all networks and offers flexibility for repairs and restoration of connectivity.


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Get To Know CCH Pigtailed Cassettes

Rise of the Splice Machines

This is a technology less than a decade old that combines the splice tray, adapter panel, pre-stripped and routed pigtails and splicing consumables required for optical fiber termination in a single compact cassette. In this article, we will examine the factors that have put this exciting new termination method at the forefront of optical termination methods.

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Product Portfolio

CCH pigtailed splice cassettes enable faster field splicing and easy modular management of connectorization within the housing. The CCH pigtailed splice cassettes are preloaded and pre-routed for quick fusion splicing of either individual or ribbon fiber pigtails, using the same space-saving platform as the standard CCH splice cassette.

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FuseLite® 2 Connectors

FuseLite® 2 Connectors

Your Fusion Splicer. Our Connectors.

This is the high-performance matchup you’ve been waiting for. Our new FuseLite Splice-On Connectors let you combine the reliable, high-quality performance you trust from Corning with the flexibility and familiarity of your favorite fusion splicer. These easy-to-assemble connectors are quick to install and come packed with features that make them a great choice for any new installation, repairs and restorations, even reflectant-sensitive applications. They’re available for single-fiber termination in SC, LC, and ST® formats for both single-mode and multimode.

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