Small Cell Solutions

Why Small Cell?

Why Small Cell?

Corning SpiderCloud Small Cell Fiber Solutions

SpiderCloud small cell solutions provide cost-effective, scalable coverage and capacity with deployment in weeks, with a simplified, Wi-Fi-like installation over the new or existing LAN infrastructure. Combined with Corning® In-Building Network Solutions, you now have access to a full-solution portfolio including fiber, remote power, software-defined LAN (SD LAN), small cell, and cellular DAS.

Driving fiber-deep architectures within the enterprise, our complete and comprehensive small cell solution promotes and advocates for optical convergence.


Download the E-RAN Brochure

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Small Cell Solutions Alleviate Pain Points



Requires an affordable system

Provides a cost-effective, in-building cellular solution

Must be fast to deploy

Provides a quick-to-install, in-building cellular solution

Emergency call origination difficult to track

Enhances Public Safety, as callers can be found within 50 m of origin

Need flexibility to enable any one of the major U.S. mobile network operators

Equipped with approvals from most major U.S. carriers

Corning offers products to improve cellular coverage and capacity coverage in the most demanding enterprise environments. Corning solutions include:

SpiderCloud® enterprise radio access network (E-RAN)
Delivers high-capacity cellular signal

Corning® In-Building Network Solutions
A fiber-based network topology with the ability to converge multiple network services and a DAS to support multiple cellular providers over a single, simplified architecture.

Introducing the Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN)

SpiderCloud E-RAN is a modular cellular network platform that delivers unprecedented coverage and capacity for wireless services inside any type of facility. It is scalable and enterprise-ready, with the ability to add more network carriers as demand arises. It can also be combined with the in-building network solutions system to create an all-fiber indoor-network backbone hosting the E-RAN and other network services without burdening the enterprise’s own infrastructure.


What Is the Value of Combining SpiderCloud Small Cells and the In-Building Network Solution Infrastructure?

High SIM density:
Determined by connected devices per square foot, SIM density ranges from low (residential) to ultra high (stadium/convention center). The in-building network solutions system provides a robust infrastructure and virtually unlimited bandwidth for the SpiderCloud E-RAN and other network services that support an entire range of densities.

Multicarrier needs:
Whether the targeted facility needs only two or all four of the major U.S. carriers, Corning cellular solutions can support any scenario.

Building size:
Building size is no longer a factor in determining a cellular solution, and has been replaced in importance by network applications and carriers that support critical connectivity today.


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