5G Small Cell Networks

Corning Everon® 5G small cell network solutions are enterprise-ready, easy to scale, and fourth utility crucial 

What is a small cell network?

What is a small cell network?

Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes used in densely populated urban areas to increase range and capacity for the next evolution of cellular standards. The indoor advantages of a small cell node networks include improved coverage, very small footprint, lower cost and higher flexibility than picocells or distributed antenna systems.

Corning Everon® solutions include the world’s first scalable indoor small cell system, Spidercloud. One system, comprised of one services node, can manage up to 125 dual-carrier LTE radio nodes, providing reliable coverage and capacity for sites up to one million square feet. Our indoor small cell network architecture enables mobile operators to deliver reliable mobile services to enterprises and venues. Corning’s 5G small cell nodes offer a smooth path to adding 5G to the thousands of LTE Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) systems available today.


Corning Everon® Small Cell

Corning Everon® Small Cell

SpiderCloud Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) – Enterprise Friendly Deployment

Corning’s SpiderCloud LTE E-RAN is easy to deploy. It is deployed over an Ethernet LAN, just like Wi-Fi. In many enterprise installations, E-RAN is paired with our Software Defined LAN (SD-LAN) to meet physical separation policies, deliver PoE+ service at the edge, and enable power protection. E-RAN can also share the enterprise LAN via private VLAN. E-RAN’s power-efficient small cells work over POE+ and Cat5e. There is no need to pull cumbersome co-ax cables. The Self-Organizing Network (SON) software resident on SpiderCloud’s services node automatically configures the radio nodes, so technicians don’t have to.

High Capacity of the Small Cell Network System

Every network has capacity hotspots. E-RAN offers massive capacity where you need it. A SpiderCloud small cell network system deployed in a large building can offer as many as 250 sectors of capacity, delighting customers and offloading all the mobile devices inside the building from burdening the outdoor macro network.

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E-RAN is deployed like a Wi-Fi network throughout a commercial structure (see drawing to the right) and uses an SD-LAN based Ethernet VLAN for secure indoor transport. When throughput per sq. ft. matters, E-RAN shines. The E-RAN can use existing internet capacity or a new Internet access to connect to the operator core network. There is no need for expensive private network solutions like Metro Ethernet or MPLS to connect an E-RAN’s services node to the mobile core.

Radio Node Family

Radio nodes are small and low profile with a similar profile to Wi-Fi Access Points. The E-RAN platform offers a wide range of radio nodes for many different applications and mobile operator configurations. All models are powered by PoE+ (802.11at) Ethernet switch ports.

Grow your Business with E-RAN

Corning SpiderCloud helps mobile operators acquire and retain high-value enterprise subscribers, as well as win the loyalty of data-hungry smartphone users. Dependable coverage and massive in-building capacity makes it possible to offer new, cloud-based, enterprise applications, and future innovations. 5G cellular services are easily layered onto the LTE E-RAN with a simple software update and installation of our 5G E-RAN system in the building.

Why Corning Everon® Small Cell Nodes?

Why Corning Everon® Small Cell Nodes?

Corning Everon® Small Cells provide scalable and seamless cellular coverage and capacity for in-building networks and venues, all over your existing LAN. Combined with Corning Everon® Network Solutions, you now have access to a full-solution portfolio including fiber and power, software-defined LAN (SD LAN), small cell, and cellular DAS.

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