Everon™ 6200 DAS

Corning® Everon™ 6200 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Corning® Everon™ 6200 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

(formerly Corning ONE™ DAS)

In today’s environment, your enterprise has to support countless devices of all kinds with flawless performance, limitless capacity and speed in every corner of your facility. Now, Corning is proud to present a best-in-class in-building cellular solution for enterprise applications. Enjoy optimal service for less cost, deployed in less  time, on the most-flexible fiber-based platform that ensures a simple upgrade path to the next generation of service.

Benefits of Everon 6200 DAS

Benefits of Everon 6200 DAS

  • 5G performance for a better experience
  • Lower initial and operating costs
  • Better coverage, more devices, more capacity
  • Less complexity, simpler to deploy and manage
  • Corning technical expertise deeply committed to service
  • Fiber to the Edge (FTTE) network with remote powering: Less risk of obsolescence. Tomorrow’s technology, today.

Lower Total Cost

Optimized to cost effectively scale up or down for a range of enterprise applications


Configurable remotes, SISO or MIMO, Overlay existing DAS, add C-band or 2.5 GHz



All Digital Solution. Multi-operator signal distribution, 5G, C-band, CBRS ready



Fiber to the Edge (FTTE)

Optical backbone reduces total cost with better performance and room to grow


Expert Support

Backed by Corning technical experts deeply committed to service


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Is Everon 6200 DAS right for my application?

Is Everon 6200 DAS right for my application?

Everon 6200 is the first DAS Solution specifically designed for the enterprise that delivers flexibility, reduced installation and ongoing costs for buildings from 150,000 to 500,000 square feet.

If your structure is larger than 500,000 square feet, you may consider the Everon 6000. If your application requires only 1 to 2 carrier coverage, our Everon Small Cell offering may be right for you.  

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Overview of Corning Everon 6200 DAS

Better Cellular Coverage for Better Enterprise In-building Experiences

Everon 6200 DAS is a  groundbreaking solution for enterprises, providing a platform for reliable coverage with all major U.S. carriers using less remotes, with lower costs, and simpler architecture. All with the future flexibility of fiber to adapt to the massive changes expected for in-building cellular demands.

EVERON 6200 DAS utilizes a fiber-fed, low-power distribution network that is OEM agnostic and 5G NR ready, reducing deployment time by up to 25% and installation and services costs between 10%-25% while offering selectable frequencies ranging from 600 to 3500 MHz.

Everon 6200 Access Unit

Everon 6200 Access Unit


  • Multi-operator and multi-technology
  • One RU (1.75 inches) of rack space per required AU
  • Available for 48 VDC or 120-200 VAC power sources
  • RF modules interface with mobile operator Base Stations
  • Up to four full-band RF modules per AU
  • Up to two additional AUs can be attached to support up to 12 RF modules/48 x inputs
  • CPRI optical connection to one or more Expansion Unit (EU)
  • Up to eight EUs can be directly connected to an AU (112 remotes)

Headend Unit Cellular Details

  • RF modules are available for these U.S. bands:
  • 600 MHz (71), 700L (12), 700U (13), FirstNet (14), 800/850 (5), PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41), CBRS (48)
  • Supported Modulation types are 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G (5G-NR)
  • Support for SISO and MIMO configurations
  • Digital fronthaul network to DAS Remotes uses Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI)

Everon 6200 Expansion Unit

Everon 6200 Expansion Unit

Neutral host

  • Routes AU CPRI traffic to/from all remotes (N2RU, M2RU, and H2RU)
  • Up to 5 EUs can be cascaded to an AU port to support large sector designs
  • One RU (1.75 inches) of rack space per required EU
  • Available for 48 VDC or 120-200 VAC power sources


  • 10 Gbps CPRI optical to AU
  • 10 Gbps CPRI optical for up to 14 attached remotes
  • Remote power shelf (CIP) adjacent to EU injects power for remotes into ActiFi® composite cables

Cellular Details

  • Distributes downlink cell signals from AU CPRI stream and routes to remotes
  • Collects uplink cell signals from remote CPRI streams, combines them, and routes to the AU
  • Operator agnostic and independent of individual Mobile Devices

Everon 6200 Digital Remote Options

  Low-Power Remote (N2RU) Medium-Power Remote (M2RU) Medium-Power Remote (M2RU)

Best Usage Indoor/outdoor high capacity Outdoor coverage Indoor/outdoor coverage
Installation Pole, wall, ceiling Wall or pole Pole, wall, rack
Antenna Requirement Internal/External (SISO or MIMO) External (SISO or MIMO) External (2T2R or 4T4R)
RF Power Output 17 dBm (< 1 GHz) & 20 dBm (> 1 GHz) total 43 dBm per carrier 37 dBm per carrier
Outdoor Installation NO (IP30 rated) YES (IP65-rated enclosure) YES (IP67-rated enclosure)
LTE/5G-NR Frequency Bands 600 MHz (71), 700L (12), 700U (13), FirstNet (14), 800/850 (26), PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41), 3600 (48) 600 MHz (71), 800/850 (26), PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41) PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41)
Corning Remote Power/Composite Cable YES NO (uses local AC or 48 VDC) YES (or uses local AC or 48 VDC)

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