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Corning® Everon™ 6000 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Corning® Everon™ 6000 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Whether an airport, stadium, campus, or convention center, venues face unique challenges to stay in front of the exploding demand for robust, reliable cellular service. Corning is the leader in this space, spearheading the next generation of DAS technology that supports all LTE bands, 5G and 5G-NR services, and more.

The Everon 6000 DAS is designed to meet the business and technical requirements of large campuses and structures that have significant mobile traffic demands in both normal daily use and when major events occur.

Benefits of Everon 6000 DAS

Benefits of Everon 6000 DAS

  • High-performance technology solution next-generation cellular platform.
  • Corning cellular digital signal distribution systems and visual design expertise.
  • Low- and medium-powered remotes, with outdoor options available. Mix and match to deliver the best service based on your specific needs.
  • Software features that improve installation speed, ensure system stability, and adapt to changing requirements.
  • Fiber to the Edge (FTTE) network with remote powering: Less risk of obsolescence. Tomorrow’s technology, today.

Robust Capability

Optimized for dense, high-capacity venues. MIMO, all-band, indoor/outdoor rated

Exceptional Performance

Powerful all-digital architecture. Simple to optimize and install in complex applications


Power Efficient and Compact

Low power consumption & footprint



Fiber to the Edge (FTTE)

Optical backbone reduces total cost with better performance and room to grow


Expert Support

Backed by Corning technical experts deeply committed to service


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Is Everon 6000 DAS right for my application? 

Is Everon 6000 DAS right for my application? 

Everon 6000 DAS is specifically designed to accommodate environments with high population density and capacity. This solution is idea for larger venues (over 500,000 sq. ft.) and where robust capability and performance are required.

If your structure is less than 500,000 square feet you may consider the Everon 6200 or 3000. Additionally, if your application requires only 1 to 2 carrier coverage, we recommend our Everon Small Cell offering.  

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Overview of Corning Everon 6000 DAS

Our family of digital remotes offers flexibility

  Low-Power Remote (N2RU) Medium-Power Remote (M2RU)

Best Usage Indoor/outdoor high capacity Indoor/outdoor coverage
Installation Pole, wall, ceiling Telecommunications Room Wall or Rack - 6U height
Antenna Requirement External 2x2 MIMO External SISO
RF Power Output 23 dBm total 33 dBm (< 1 GHz) & 37 dBm (> 1 GHz) total
Outdoor Installation YES (IP66 rated) YES (IP65-rated enclosure)
LTE/5G-NR Frequency Bands 600 MHz (71), 700L (12), 700U (13), FirstNet (14), 800/850 (26), PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41) 600 MHz (71), 700L (12), 700U (13), FirstNet (14), 800/850 (26), PCS (25), AWS (66), WCS (30), 2.5 GHz (41)

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