Everon™ 3000 DAS

Corning® Everon™ 3000 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Corning® Everon™ 3000 Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

(formerly Corning ONE™ DAS)

Uninterrupted, fast, and clear cellular coverage that reaches even the most remote corner of an enterprise is essential to every organization and property today. Corning® Everon DAS 3000 (formerly ONE™ DAS) is a multi-operator platform that offers exceptional value and 5G-ready service to meet significant mobile traffic demands in medium-large building footprints now and in the future.

Benefits of Everon 3000 DAS

Benefits of Everon 3000 DAS

  • Technology-agnostic approach to LTE and 5G, allowing for applications like 5G mmWave and C-band.
  • Reduced headend complexity means faster installation.
  • Flexible family of remotes lets engineers design a system that meets each site’s unique needs.
  • Tomorrow’s technology, today. Fiber-to-the-Edge (FTTE) network infrastructure reduces complexity and enables future wideband mobility applications.
  • Scalable, high-capacity solution built on proven technology.

Proven Solution

Optimized for multi-operator solutions


Modular remote architecture for adding additional bands when you need them


Expandable and Upgradeable

5G ccapable across extensive installed base



Fiber to the Edge (FTTE)

Optical backbone reduces total cost with better performance and room to grow


Expert Support

Backed by Corning technical experts deeply committed to service


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Is Everon 3000 DAS right for my application?

Is Everon 3000 DAS right for my application?

Everon 3000 is the Corning’s flagship DAS offering (formerly Corning ONE DAS). The Everon 3000 is ideally suited for the enterprise offering specifically designed to overcome the complexity of providing multi-carrier 5G service, offering a scalable solution for buildings from 100,000 to 500,000 square feet.

If your structure is larger than 500,000 square feet, you may consider the Everon 6000.

If your application requires only 1 or 2 carrier coverage, our Everon Small Cell offering may be right for you.  

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Overview of Corning Everon 3000 DAS

Better Cellular Coverage for Better In-building Experiences

Corning Everon DAS 3000 (formerly Corning ONE DAS) is a 5G-capable, end-to-end solution scalable for a variety of enterprise applications, from a single hospital to a business campus. This cost-optimized, multiband coverage with capacity to support multiple operators via a single, simplified fiber optic infrastructure ensures a strong, clear user experience today, with adaptability for migration to new technologies, primarily through software upgrades, tomorrow.

System Components

  • Integrated Headend Unit (IHU)
  • Simplified unit that connects each mobile operator base station to DAS signal distribution

Connecting Fiber-to-the-Edge Remotes

  • RAU uses ActiFi® composite cable for both power and data
  • MRU uses optical cable for data plus a local power source

RAU Interconnection Technology Remote Power

  • Inserts power into the copper conductors of composite cables for all attached RAUs
  • Remote power shelf installs either adjacent to IHU or in the telecommunication room of each floor that has RAUs

Future ready, now, with fiber-to-the-edge

Optical infrastructure is easily deployable via a wide range of off-the-shelf or field-terminated all-optical or composite cables. Easy to design, plug-and-play connectors significantly reduce installation cost and deployment time. Composite cabling, composed of both copper conductors for power and optical fibers for data traffic replaces PoE infrastructure while bringing the promise of huge future bandwidth.

Alternative DAS solutions for the Enterprise

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