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Distributed Sensing Cables

Distributed Sensing Cables

Distributed Sensing Cables

Distributed Sensing Cables

Distributed Sensing Cables

Work smarter, not harder

Our distributed sensing cables provide optimized monitoring of your critical harsh environment infrastructure. Distributed sensing is a technology that enables continuous measurements along the entire length of a fiber optic cable. As a result, external stimuli on the cable, such as changes in temperature and pressure, sound, strain, and vibration can be detected and located at any position along the length of the cable. And because distributed sensing is performed in real time, potential problems can be identified and mitigated before they become real problems.

Key features and benefits of our distributed sensing cable include:

Tough compact design - highly robust cable design for reliability in harsh conditions with no tradeoff in sensitivity

Class leading sensing performance - innovative cable design enhances and amplifies the sensor signal delivering operational performance far above traditional telecom cable designs

Flexible design options - Choice of materials for strength elements and fiber properties dependent on application requirements

Light weight and responsive - at 14.9kg/km, these cables are light, tough, easy to deploy, and responds quickly to external stimuli

Multiple packaging options and long lengths available (e.g. >10km) for a variety of installation methods



Distributed Sensing Cable in Industrial Environments

Distributed Sensing cable Industrial Environments

Today’s networks are more demanding than ever before - always on, always reliable, and with no downtime regardless of the application or environment. Instead of responding to issues once they occur, owners and operators are looking for ways to proactively manage their infrastructure. How can issues be detected and addressed before they happen, so reliability is guaranteed and downtime is eliminated?

Imagine being able to continuously, accurately, and in real-time detect small acoustic, temperature, and/or strain changes anywhere along an optical cable in the outside plant environment. And depending on the interrogation unit or laser source used, you could have the ability to detect various environmental events at distances from ones to tens of kilometers away, with large numbers of distributed “virtual” sensors along the path. This is possible by using optical fiber as the intrinsic sensing medium.

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