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MiniXtend® Cables

MiniXtend® Cables

Corning’s MiniXtend® cable solves the demand for today’s unlimited bandwidth capacity and addresses escalating network duct congestion.

Designed for installation in microduct systems using air-assisted installation methods, MiniXtend micro cables are up to 50 percent smaller than standard loose tube cables and offer high fiber counts in a small cable diameter footprint.

Our innovative optical micro cabling solutions include MiniXtend and MiniXtend HD cables, both with binderless* FastAccess® technology. 

MiniXtend Cable is available in fiber counts from 12 to 144 and features Corning® SMF-28® Ultra fiber. MiniXtend HD Cable – our highest density micro cable – features Corning® SMF-28® Ultra 200 fiber and delivers fiber counts up to 432.  MiniXtend HD micro cable is up to 20 percent smaller than standard micro cables.

Our time-saving binderless* FastAccess® technology eliminates the use of binder and waterblocking yarns and waterblocking tapes, enables up to 70 percent faster cable access, and reduces the risk of buffer tube damage. 

When it comes to the optimized MiniXtend and closure pairing solution, the BPEO closure is ideal. Designed to be flexible for you when accessing cable in the field and available in a range of sizes, they can be deployed above grade (pole, façade) or below grade (manhole, handhole).

Visit our catalog for more information about MiniXtend cable or MiniXtend HD cable, both with binderless* FastAccess® technology.

Micro cable is small, but the benefits are huge!

Learn how to make micro cables part of your next OSP build. Download our “Comprehensive Micro Cabling Solutions and Installation Guide” to help you understand the required components, simplify product selection, and provide you with the resources to do the job the right way.


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Smaller Cables, Bigger Possibilities.

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* Corning’s Binderless FastAccess Technology refers to the combination of an innovative jacket with state-of-the-art technology used to bind cable construction through the manufacturing process, eliminating the use of binder yarns and water-blocking tapes.