ALTOS® Cables

ALTOS® Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables

ALTOS® Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables

Corning’s extensive ALTOS® loose tube fiber optic cable portfolio offers reliable, high-speed data transmission in duct, buried, or aerial outdoor applications. The cables are high-density, lightweight, and durable for easy handling and installations. ALTOS cables contain buffer tubes with either 12 or 24 single loose fibers for installer familiarity; in 24-fiber tube options, the second set of 12 fibers is marked for quick identification and separation. Improved outer jacket marking allows for abrasion resistance and includes highly visible key cable specifications for faster field reference. FastAccess® technology options provide simpler, safer, and faster cable jacket removal and buffer tube access.

The new high-density ALTOS HD cable with binderless FastAccess technology features 24 fibers per buffer tube in a compact yet flexible design, offering reduced outer diameter, weight, and carbon footprint compared to comparable legacy cables. An available Universal Routing Kit 24F enables quick separation of fibers into 2 x 12 fiber sets with a furcation tube that protects the fibers from sharp edges in closures and cassettes.

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Product Overview

ALTOS® and ALTOS® Lite Gel-Free Cables

ALTOS® and ALTOS Lite Gel-Free Cables

• Fiber counts of 12-432*

• Dry buffer tubes

• Available in Armor

• Application: duct and direct buried

• *432 fiber cables are gel filled


ALTOS® (all dielectric) >

ALTOS® Lite (armored) >

ALTOS® and ALTOS® Lite Cables w/FastAccess® Technology

ALTOS® and ALTOS Lite Cables w/FastAccess® Technology

• Fiber counts of 12-288

• Dry buffer tubes

• Available in Armor, 12F-72F

• Application: duct and direct buried

• FastAccess Technology – Reduces 50% end access time


ALTOS® w/FastAccess® Technology (all dielectric) >

ALTOS® Lite w/FastAccess® Technology (armored) >

ALTOS® Cable w/Binderless* FastAccess® Technology

ALTOS® Cable w/Binderless FastAccess® Technology

• Fiber counts of 12-72

• Dry buffer tubes

• Application: duct and aerial

• Binderless FastAccess Technology simplifies jacket removal and buffer tube access


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• Fiber counts of 96-288

• 24 fiber buffer tube provides:

    - 30% reduction in cable OD

    - 2x increase in fiber density

• Application: duct and aerial

• Available in armor

• ALTOS HD features Binderless FastAccess Technology

• ALTOS HD Lite features FastAccess Technology


ALTOS® HD w/Binderless FastAccess® Technology (all dielectric) >

ALTOS® HD Lite w/FastAccess® Technology (armored) >


ALTOS® Figure-8 Gel-Free

ALTOS® Figure-8 Gel-Free

• Fiber counts of 12-288

• Self-supporting

• One-step installation using standard hardware and installation methods

• Available in Armored

• Application aerial


ALTOS® Figure-8 (all dielectric) >

ALTOS® Figure-8 (armored) >




• Fiber counts of 12-288

• Self-supporting

• One-step installation using standard hardware and installation methods

• Available in Short-Span, Medium-Span and Long-Span 

• Application aerial


SOLO® ADSS - Short Span >

SOLO® ADSS – Medium Span >

SOLO® ADSS – Long Span >


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