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OptiSnap® Fiber Optic Connectors

OptiSnap® Fiber Optic Connectors

Installing optical networks is fast and easy with the OptiSnap® connector. These technician-friendly fiber optic connectors install in just a few simple steps. Corning invented "no-epoxy/no-polish" (NENP) technology, and we offer the most widely deployed NENP connector on the market. Why? Because it's quick, simple, and built on Corning's unparalleled fiber optic quality and expertise.

Five Reasons to use the OptiSnap® Connector

Five Reasons to use the OptiSnap® Connector

  1. OptiSnap connectors install in less than a minute – great for projects where minimizing installation time is necessary
  2. A wide variety of OptiSnap connectors are available to support almost any network architecture
  3. They are easy and intuitive to install – ideal for less-experienced technicians
  4. OptiSnap connectors do not require expensive equipment or ongoing consumable purchases
  5. Optimized for single-mode fiber, making extraordinary levels of optical performance easily achievable 

OptiSnap® Connectors

Where Innovation Meets Simplicity: OptiSnap Connectors

For years, the installation of cable network field connectors was a time-consuming process. To ensure the seamless flow of data-forming light, each hair-thin strand of glass fiber had to be glued into a connector. To accomplish this, technicians had to tote along portable ovens to heat-cure a special epoxy.

After waiting for the connector to finish curing, the technician still had to clean and polish the components by hand to ensure a pristine surface required for optical transmission.

On average, it took six to eight minutes to terminate a single connector. Results varied widely, based on the skill and experience of the technician.

But as carriers everywhere began to embrace the fast transmission capabilities of optical networks, Corning engineers were already looking for a better way.

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