Network of Preferred Installers

Get Connected

We realize that our success depends on your success. Whether your business is small, mid-sized, or large, the goals are the same – increase profit, reduce costs, increase productivity, and build valuable relationships. For these reasons and more, our innovative network-style program connects your business today to the tools, solutions, and rewards that you need for a more profitable tomorrow.

Become a NPI Member

Become a NPI Member

The Advantage

In today’s fiber optic business world, it is all about connections and opportunities. The connection between you and more opportunities is only one step away with the Network of Preferred Installers (NPI). By becoming a preferred installer, you are able to provide customers with a complete solution by leveraging your valued relationship with Corning Optical Communications. 

Offer a Complete Solution With an Extended Warranty

Preferred installers are able to offer end users up to a 25-year warranty for local area network (LAN) and data center (DC) installations when all products in the fiber cabling solution are Corning-covered products, including fiber optic cables, hardware, connectivity, and preterminated systems.


Nomination into the program is at the discretion of the local sales engineer, and several factors are taken into consideration when determining if a company is a good fit for the program. Before being considered for nomination, you may be required to verify your company’s history of and the ability to meet the following:

  • Installations that meet Corning and industry quality standards
  • Stringent requirements for technical and financial strength in order to receive and maintain membership in good standing
  • Commitment to continually update training to stay abreast of the latest technologies and product solutions

Upon nomination into the program, the following minimum requirements must be completed (other requirements may be imposed at the discretion of the sales engineer):

  • One hands-on installation course and one design course (both fee-based)
  • New member profile
  • Corning tip-to-tip installation project


Our tiered system allows installers to participate at their desired level and allows Corning Optical Communications to support our full range of contractors.


  • Warranty
  • Financial rewards
  • Training opportunities (both complimentary and fee-based) via See the Light® program
  • Technical Support


  • Meet minimum annual revenue targets
  • Maintain annual training
  • Complete annual design/win requirement

The Network Connection

The voice of customer is valuable to us at Corning, and your feedback has a direct impact on the information, training, and benefits that are offered through the program. To learn more about the Network of Preferred Installers and how to get connected, contact our NPI team at