Multitenant Data Center (MTDC) Complete Connections Program | Corning

Connect to service, support and peace of mind to help your business grow

As enterprises consider moving their critical infrastructure into multitenant data center (MTDC) facilities, they face a dizzying array of choices.The Corning MTDC Complete Connections Program is designed to make these choices easier by bringing together an ecosystem of trusted partners who both operate MTDC facilities and who provide systems integration services within MTDC sites.

The benefit? Data center operators are connected to enhanced services from Corning, dedicated technical support, and have easy access to tools which enable them to operate their businesses more efficiently and stay up to date on the latest fiber optic technology. And enterprises which are evaluating MTDC options know they are engaging with program members who receive preferred access to Corning training, service and technology.

Whether you are an enterprise which is worried about moving your data center off site, or you’re an MTDC operator looking to provide a higher level of service and peace of mind to your clients, we can help. The MTDC Complete Connections Program leverages Corning’s distinctive capabilities by connecting you with a portfolio of products, services and experiences that accelerate your business on the path to success. Completely.

How Do MTDC Operators Benefit?

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How Do Enterprises Benefit?

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