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Density capability meets functionality.

Density capability meets functionality with the Centrix™ System for your Central Office or Data Center meet-me-room. A single, dual, or quad fiber management system that provides industry–leading, manageable high density that is configurable for multiple applications with SC, LC, LSH, or MTP connectivity.

Features & Benefits

    - Manageable density of up to 16.000 ports / m²
    - Configurable to different applications and environments
    - Scalable architecture for easy expansion
    - Superior patch cord management with one length in single, dual, and quad frames
    - Fast and unpredictable network growth with low cost, but easy and fast deployment

3 Basic Building Blocks

    - Single, dual, and quad frames or cabinets
- Universal, modular housings
- Splice, patch, pre-terminated and optical devices cassettes

Bringing Fibre to the people - a video case study with Glasfaser NordWest

Three core application spaces for Centrix™ System Solutions

Three core application spaces for Centrix™ System Solutions

Central Office or Head End

  • Cross connect frame for jumper connections between indoor/outdoor cable, distribution fiber/active electronics, and distribution fiber/access fiber
      - Accommodates splicing on frame with easy to use, high capacity splice cassettes
      - Pre-stubbed housings simplify off frame splicing installation
  • Top of rack panel for port replication of active electronics with either patch panel cassettes or MTP/MPO cassettes

Point of Presence (PoP) and “Meet Me” Rooms

  • Cross connect frame for managing multiple carrier connections
  • Access fiber can be spliced directly in the Centrix frame or spliced in from an Optical Splice Enclosure (OSE) using pre-stubbed housings

Space constrained huts and hub sites

  • Where physical footprint limitations require a high density solution

Centrix™ System Components

Centrix™ System Components


  • Front access single cabinets
  • Back-to-back and side-by-side dual cabinets
  • Quad cabinet with up to 17,280 ports (LC) and a 1.08m² footprint
  • Single, Dual, and Quad cabinets with protection
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  • Empty 1U (3 cassettes), 2U (6 cassettes), and 4U (12 cassettes)
  • Loaded pigtail 1U (72F), 2U (144F), and 4U (up to 432 LCs)
  • Pre-stubbed housing with indoor and outdoor cables
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  • Splice cassettes available with LC, SC, and LSH
  • Patch cassettes available with LC, SC, and LSH
  • MTP/MPO module available with LC and SC
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Cassettes
  • Splitter cassettes
  • Stubbed modules with LC/SC adapters and MTP connector legs
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Patch cords, Trunks, and Accessories

  • 1F LC, SC, and LSH 4M patch cords
  • 2F LC, 2F SC, 2F LSH, and 8/12F MTP Trunks
  • Centrix cabinet doors and side/rear walls, work shelf, strain relief plates, mounting brackets/kits and tools
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Centrix™ Solutions - Installation Video

Centrix™ Solutions - Installation Video

Learn all about the installation of the Centrix System on this video. The system can be deployed in multiple applications including central office, headend, FTTx, FTTCS, and data center.

Centrix™ Solutions - Additional Resources