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Data Center cabling infrastructure

Data Center cabling infrastructure

With the continued expansion and growth in the data center, a well-planned cabling infrastructure is critical. Trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are not only driving major changes in our everyday lives, they are also forcing data center owners and operators to evolve, or risk being left behind.

Whether you are operating an enterprisehyperscale/cloud, or multitenant data center, your infrastructure must address reliability, manageability, scalability, and flexibility. Without a flexible cabling plan capable of easily accommodating common moves, adds, and changes (MACs), your network growth will be limited. A well-planned structured cabling system is capable of meeting the changing data center requirements these new trends are forcing, and can also carry you through several iterations of system equipment solutions and multiple generations of protocol data-rate increases.

Corning is here to help ensure that you have the tools, resources, and support to empower the world through a future-ready, reliable, secure, and cost-effective data center network.

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