Sustainability | Corning

Leveraging our best-in-the-world capabilities, Corning’s businesses evolve with the world’s needs

Corning is vital to progress, helping the world work, learn, and live sustainably and equitably. We bring teams of highly skilled, passionate Corning employees together with our customers and partners to develop cutting-edge technologies that transform industries and lives for billions of people and drive multiyear growth.

We have always known that what we do today will determine how our world looks tomorrow and beyond. In our long-term vision, people are healthier, better informed, more richly connected with one another. Our 1970 breakthrough invention of low-loss optical fiber helped unleash a communications revolution that continues to change the world today. Our 1972 invention of ceramic substances for catalytic convertors started a new era that is making the air cleaner. Our ongoing improvement of vials allows delivering today and tomorrow’s medical discoveries to save lives where it is most needed. Our 2021 image-capture technologies are helping James Webb Telescope mission to reveal the infrared Universe…

As our people keep making a positive difference in the world, our culture also ensures that we are a company built to last. We know that innovation, done our way, is sustainable only with a deeply engrained moral compass and the trust of our stakeholders. We take an approach to sustainability that addresses key challenges of the moment and evolves to meet the needs of the future.