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Versatile for today. Scalable for the future.

What the next generation of ODF infrastructure must address

The ever-increasing demand for bandwidth will continue to strain fiber management capabilities and require more density and scalability for your inside plant fiber distribution frame infrastructure. To meet your service-level agreements, a sound multi-network optical distribution frame (ODF) strategy must include infrastructure that can:

• Provide a format expandable for future growth

• Simplify and increase patch-cord management and storage

• Improve adds and changes or eliminate mishandling of cabling assemblies leading to potential dB loss

• Migrate to future generation of transmission and aggregation systems by equipment


The Optical Distribution Frame RFO meets this demand for more network capacity and reach, helping you meet the challenges that come with fiber management and migration to new technologies and equipment. You can build the optical distribution frame (ODF) system that conforms to your fiber distribution requirements, with three RFO frame formats and two RFO chassis for optimal connectivity, management and scalability.

Optical Distribution Frame RFO: A solution that adapts to your network requirements

RFO: A solution for your network requirements

Three Frame Options

RFO Open Frame give you outstanding interoperability capabilities between equipment or service-provider infrastructure locations (central office, headend, data center and remote points of presence, huts and shelters). It offers a full frame by frame scalability for gradual expansion, high density without the inconvenience of jumper congestion, easy jumpering routing capabilities maintained with lineup expansion.

Available Options:

    - 3,25 meter high (11 modular blocks)
    - 2,5 meter high (8 modular blocks)
    - 2 meter high (6 modular blocks)

The pitch in between frames is 400 mm (15 ,7 inches).

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Modular Blocks

RFO NG Network Cable Head Blocks and RFO NG Interconnection Blocks make ODF deployment and management operations between equipment and the network simple. They also improve ODF flexibility by supporting mix-and-match RFO NG Fiber Modules for specific network applications.

The blocks are stacked up one by one or six, eight or 11 at a time, as many as needed in the current ODF room. The drawers swivel out independently from one another without disturbing adjacent trays and tension on jumpers/adapters. All trays can be swiveled in once to allow complete access to the entire inside of the block when new network cables, multi-fiber patch cords or breakout assemblies has to be routed . Drawers incorporate coiling area for up to 2m of routing tube / breakout cable storage to allow splicing or maintenance at workbench level.                                      

Available Options: 

    - 6 trays  left and right hand side patch cords managers
    - 12 trays left and right hand side patch cords managers

The Modular Block is flexible for mix & match of various fiber modules.

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Plug & Play Modules

A wide range of RFO NG Fiber Modules provide for multiple applications, such as splice-on pigtails, adapters-only for connectorized simplex, multi-fiber patch cords or breakout assemblies, centralized or cascaded PLC splitter deployment and xWDM modules. Each Tray module can be removed from the drawer to operate the splicing at the floor level.

Main features of Splice on Pigtail Modules:

    - 12 SC / 24 LC pigtails modules
    - Passive splitters for 1:2 to 1:64 splitters with splice or connector on input trunks
    - WDM Modules to transition from GPON to XGPON and NGPON2 with very minimal re-engineering at the ODF (extension,  additional cables and swapping of new WDM • WDM 1r and/or WDM CEx modules).

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Swiveling Patch Panels

RFO SD Swiveling Patch Panels provide density in confined spaces with element-at-a-time extension capabilities and a swiveling feature that provides full access to inner, rear and lateral sides for easy and safe fiber management.

Its lightweight plastic construction is noncorrosive, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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