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Corning is a leader in the development and engineering of coaxial connectors and related products for CATV and broadband communications systems.

Why Corning?

Why Corning?

Customer demand is pushing fiber deeper into the network. We provide several options in deployment methods to tailor to your needs. Whether you need an all-precon solution or an all-splice solution- we can help.

As MSOs compete to deliver gigabit speeds to businesses and homes, our number one priority is to deliver a reliable network infrastructure that can easily be upgraded as bandwidth demands grow. We know what it takes to help MSOs upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 and grow the fiber to the home (FTTH) mark. In this market, it is critical to collaborate with a trusted manufacturer that understands your needs.

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What do we bring to your HFC network?

What do we bring to your HFC network?

Close customer collaboration

We work with our customers to solve problems  that matter to them. We develop solutions to fit needs. We can customize the right mix of products for you.

Reliability from the headend to the node

We have a proven track record of addressing customer concerns. We offer all passive optical products from headend to the last optical node.

Unmatched support before, during, and after install

We offer support with a world wide network of engineers, field-tested installation recommendations and processes, and a global customer base with thriving fibre-deep networks.