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Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Solutions

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Solutions

Increased data volumes are driving the construction of data center campuses and hyperscale data centers. Can your network support emerging 5G technology where high-fiber availability is critical? Our Semi-preconnectorized Data Center Interconnect Solution Guide can help.

Featuring both pre-terminated and semi-preconnectorized options, Corning DCI solutions can help you meet the increasing bandwidth demands in your most challenging environments. Best of all, compared to competitive solutions on the market, our DCI solutions provide major benefits in the time and ease of installation!

The Data Center Interconnect Semi-Preconnectorized Solution includes the following products:

RocketRibbon® Cable

  • Fiber counts up to 3,456 — double the density of legacy ribbon cables in the same or similar sized diameter
  • Furcation free and finger-peelable subunits for instant fiber access
  • Solid ribbon matrix for easy identification and mass fusion splicing

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RocketRibbon® Extreme-Density Cable >

High-Fiber-CountClosure 2178-XL

  • No special tools required, only a standard torque wrench
  • Mass fusion splice up to 3,456
  • Can be deployed in most applications: buried, below grade, aerial, and pole mount

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Optical Splice Enclosure RXD

  • Mass fusion splice up to 6,912
  • Simplified installation processes enable time savings
  • Can be wall or rack mounted
  • Optimized cable routing efficiently manages cable volumes
  • Removable top cover for easy additions after day one install

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EDGE™ XD Housing

  • High-density manageability, with the capacity to house 288-fiber / 864-fiber LC connectors in one 2U/6U housing
  • Ergonomic and simultaneous splicing on a table by multiple people
  • V-panel front design offers ease of connectivity and ample finger access
  • Stackable for increased density as needed

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EDGE™ Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

  • Modular jumper management plates for better space utilization and easy patch cord access
  • Single-length patch cord, minimizing order and stocking complexity
  • Door and wall kits to keep cross-connect organized

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