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A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Whether you are providing mission critical military communications or enabling security and surveillance systems, it is essential that your network infrastructure delivers secure and reliable service at all times. Learn more about how our leading network solutions can enable more security, scalability, and faster speed of deployment.

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Bringing value to your secure network

Efficiency of your your secure network


Customizable colors and keying throughout the facility enable faster and easier network identification.

Security of your your secure network


With the ability to distinguish between high- and low-risk areas, as well as keys that are not duplicable with standard components, our solutions provide a next-generation approach to network security.

Flexibility of your your secure network


Twelve different colors available for preterminated or field-terminated applications, with keyed and non-keyed options available. A full offering of connectors, adapters, modules, and jumpers are available for all your network needs.

Securing your mission-critical networks

Securing your mission-critical networks

Network security is not optional. When a reliable and secure network is table stakes, you need a solution that delivers top-notch network security as well as more efficiency, speed, and convenience in identifying networks.  Our secure solutions allow for a completely customizable installation, from the data center throughout the local area network.

With 12 colored keys available, you can simply and quickly segment the network and prevent inadvertent connection into the wrong network. Our keyed, keyed and colored, and non-keyed colored options are available for both preterminated or field-terminated applications.

When network security is critical, you can rely on the company that invented optical fiber and has continued to innovate to solve tough technology challenges. 

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