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Supporting the Future of Defense Technology

Supporting the Future of Defense Technology

At Corning Optical Communications, we take pride in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for secure and robust communication networks. Our Fiber to the Edge (FTTE) products play a pivotal role in supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) and its mission to enhance network capabilities.

Corning is dedicated to advancing defense technology by promoting the integration of cutting-edge technologies. This commitment extends to ensuring high-bandwidth, low-latency connections for critical operations, security, and resilience across various applications. Reliable network capability is vital for the success of initiatives, safeguarding sensitive data, and adapting to the dynamic landscape of technology in defense.

Corning is proud to announce that our state-of-the-art Assured Services Local Area Network (SD-LAN) portfolio of products has been approved on the Department of Defense Approved Products List

Our SD-LAN solutions represent the cutting edge of network technology, providing the DoD with secure, scalable, and adaptable network infrastructure. With Corning's SD-LAN, the DoD can rely on advanced solutions that enhance mission-critical operations, bolster security, and ensure seamless adaptability in an ever-changing landscape of defense technology. Explore our DoD-approved SD-LAN products to discover the future of network capabilities and security.

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Unparalleled Reliability
Our technologies offer unmatched reliability, reducing network failures and downtime.
Security Beyond Comparison
Corning's solutions enhance the DoD's security posture by providing secure, difficult-to-tap communication infrastructure.
Scalability and Adaptability
Corning's AS-LAN products are designed to scale as needed, supporting the DoD's evolving network requirements, including support for zero trust architecture.
FTTE Solutions for Edge Computing
Corning's FTTE products bring fiber optics closer to the end-users, enhancing network performance and responsiveness.
Deployment in Challenging Environments
Corning's solutions are field-tested and suited for remote and challenging locations.

Corning Optical Communications is committed to helping the DoD remain at the forefront of defense technology

Discover why Corning is the trusted choice for government agencies. With over 30 years of experience, we deliver the secure and high-performance network infrastructure that mission-critical operations demand. Our future-ready solutions ensure the reliability and speed of deployment needed for sensitive military communications and security systems.

In the full document, you'll find valuable insights into our commitment to providing comprehensive technical support, from design assistance to fiber optic training, helping you stay ahead of change in a world where failure is not an option.

Explore how Corning empowers you to safeguard the nation's well-being with dependable, secure, and cutting-edge network solutions.

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