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What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring is the use of a system that constantly monitors a network for performance, usage, failing components, and outside threats and notifies the administrator in case of potential issues.

Why network monitoring?

Network monitoring is essential to ensuring the success of your network system. It can automatically detect and respond to threats and performance issues.

What is being monitored?

  • Profits – to avoid losses caused by system failures
  • Security threats
  • Performance issues
  • Network usage (overload)
  • Optimization (e.g., bottlenecks)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Regulations compliance (e.g., SEC, HIPAA)

Network layer data must first be extracted in order to apply the analysis tools. There are two commonly used methods to extract the network data so it can be analyzed:

  • SPAN ports, switch port for analysis (active) – SPAN (port mirroring) was created to replicate packets of a single port (or VLAN) for monitoring.
  • TAP (traffic access point) ports – TAP modules use passive splitting to transmit in-line traffic to an attached monitoring device without data stream interference.

Network Monitoring with Corning Tap Modules FAQs

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AE Note

This Application Engineering Note discusses the different Corning Optical Communications Optical Tap module offerings and how to integrate them in the different infrastructure networks for effective passive network monitoring solutions.

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Product Information

Product Information

EDGE™ and EDGE8® Tap Modules

EDGE and EDGE8® tap modules enable passive optical tapping of the network while reducing downtime and link loss and increasing rack space utilization and density.

Unlike other passive optical tap solutions that must be added as separate devices in the network link, EDGE and EDGE8 tap modules integrate the coupler technology for passive optical tapping into a structured cabling component. Monitored ports can be added without disrupting the system’s live traffic, and the module’s integration of the passive official tapping can reduce insertion loss in the link.

EDGE and EDGE8 tap modules use an advanced splitter technology for multimode to reduce insertion loss compared to traditional splitter technology.

EDGE™/EDGE8® Tap Modules Features & Benefits


Benefits of Passive Optical Tapping vs. Spanning
Benefit TAP SPAN
Passive TAPs are passive devices and don't require power or configuration. SPAN ports can cause network issues like bridging loops if spanning tree is not disabled on a SPAN port. Canoccur during network refresh when SPAN ports are deployed as network ports.
All Access They make copies of all data in real-time with no traffic delay without burdening the live network SPAN ports do not receive all data: for example, corrupt and improperly sized packetrs may not be received, in addition, SPAN data has the lowest priority
Low-Cost TAPs are low-cost and a highly reliable way to provide data nonintrusively to network tools fo rmultiple generations of optics. The cost of transceivers used for SPAN ports increases with every generation of optic, causing your monitoring cost to increase
Density Since they are part of the structured cabling, TAPs allow you to retain use of ports on network swithes. SPAN reuires two ports on network switch when monitoring full-duplex communication between two devices (ingresss and egress).
Security & Reliability TAPS are completely secure because they are not part of the network (can't be hacked). SPAN changes the timing (delays) of the frame/packet interaction and places an extra burden on the production network (replication of traffic).

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