EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module

EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module

EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module

As networks grew to accommodate bandwidth demands, they also shifted from classical 3-tier network architectures to a flatter and wider spine-and-leaf topology. The fully meshed connectivity approach typical of spine-and-leaf architecture yields predictable high-speed network performance and reliability.

Principles of Scaling a Leaf-and-Spine Fabric:

  • The main building blocks are network leaves and network spines
  • Hosts can only be connected to leaf switches
  • All leaf switches must be connected to all available spine switches
  • The uplink port count on the leaf switch determines the maximum number of spine switches
  • The spine switch port count determines the maximum number of leaf switches
  • These principles influence the way switch manufacturers design their equipment

Whether you’re already using spine-and-leaf architecture or migrating soon, we can help you make the most of your data center space. By including EDGE solutions and EDGE mesh modules in your plan, you can reduce:


  • Space and congestion by 75%
  • Insertion loss by 10%
  • Deployment costs by 45%, compared to traditional LC duplex breakouts

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