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Multitenant data centers (MTDC), also known as data center colocations, have various requirements for servicing their end users. With an increased demand put upon data centers caused by the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its associated technology requirements, many multitenant data center infrastructures need upgrading to keep up.

The cost and resources involved in building a multitenant data center – as well as storing and managing the data – are immense. Additionally, keeping a data center fully optimized while eliminating latency, reducing downtime, and maintaining compliance with ever-evolving standards is quite challenging. 

At Corning, we understand the challenges associated with outsourced colocation facilities, whether you're an MTDC/cloud provider or an enterprise client. We have developed an extensive range of colocation solutions for data center interconnect (DCI)meet-me-roommain distribution area (MDA), and caged or hall environments. You can count on our solutions for maximum flexibility, improved lead times, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Corning offers precise service, quality, and value expected in every solution. We provide a wide variety of colocation data center products from the outside plant cable to the end user caged area. This enables rapid deployment for low- to high-density applications, quick and flexible product solutions that enable competitive SLAs, highly scalable platform for simple migration to higher-speed technologies, and readily available products stocked at a variety of distributors.

Multitenant data centers demand specialized solutions for their diverse customers.

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Data Center Colocation FAQs

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  • What is a multitenant data center?

    A multitenant data center (MTDC), also known as a colocation data center, is a vast facility that numerous organizations use and share. This center is heavily interconnected with various service providers like telecommunication and cloud computing firms, making it a critical hub for data exchange in the worldwide digital economy.

  • What are the key considerations when looking for an MTDC?

    The location of the data center is of paramount importance. It's critical for the data center to be close to the business it serves to reduce data transfer delays and enhance bandwidth. The capacity for growth within the data center is necessary to accommodate the shift to faster technologies, thus ensuring that future demands for bandwidth and data transmission speeds are met.

  • What is data center colocation?

    Colocation in a data center refers to the practice of placing privately-owned servers and networking hardware in a facility owned by a third party, where it shares infrastructure with other tenants. This arrangement provides advantages such as cost reduction, improved security, reliability, capacity for growth, and adherence to industry regulations.

  • What are the benefits of a colocation data center?

    Colocation data centers are more cost-effective than constructing a dedicated facility, require less technical personnel for tasks like maintenance and setup, offer superior reliability due to high redundancy specifications, provide geographical flexibility, ensure predictable costs, and support easy expansion.

  • What are the types of multitenant or colocation data centers?

    There are various types of colocation facilities available. Retail colocation facilities allow customers to rent specific areas, such as racks or secured zones. Wholesale colocation allows tenants to rent fully developed data center space at a lower cost. Hybrid cloud-based colocation combines in-house and outsourced data center services.

Are you an enterprise considering colocation options? We have a program that can help.

The Corning MTDC Complete Connections Program connects enterprises with a network of trusted companies that operate MTDC facilities and provide systems integration services within MTDC sites. MTDC operator and system integrator members receive preferred access to Corning training, service, and technology so that enterprises can move their data center assets into colocation facilities with confidence.

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