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EDGE8® Solutions Make the Future Accessible

EDGE8® Solutions Make the Future Accessible

From the engineering to IT, to the facilities management to the end user experience, EDGE8® is the future of data centers. Enjoy the future-forward Base-8 design, expanded portfolio of specialty modules for enhanced security and networking, all scaled off your current EDGE architecture!

EDGE8 has improved technology adoption, due to the 100% fiber utilization without the need for the conversion modules. This leads to cost and loss savings, in addition to risk avoidance – providing a simple path to 400G, 800G, and beyond.

How are EDGE8 solutions right for you? Check out our 5 Questions to Consider When Building Your Data Center Migration Strategy, ensuring a strategic and successful transition.

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Always evolving, but the foundation remains the same.

Always evolving, but the foundation remains the same.

While EDGE solutions continue to evolve, the foundation that they were designed upon – a fundamental understanding of the pain points inherent in managing a data center – has not. Density, network uptime, speed, simplicity, and a clear migration path to meet future requirements – these are all still critical considerations in any data center environment.

The EDGE Solution Guarantee

Commitment to the Platform

No surprises. Always consistent. EDGE evolves with your data center.

Highest Quality from start to finish

Manufactured, tested, and 100% product quality guarantee. 

Reduces Installation Time

The newest EDGE innovations can reduce installation time by up to 70%.

Comprehensive and Configurable

Networking monitoring, mesh modules, custom colors, and more.

EDGE Innovation

The EDGE and EDGE8 platforms are always expanding to fit your growing data center needs.

The EDGE and EDGE8 platforms are always expanding to fit your growing data center needs.

Value in Many Areas of Structured Cabling

Value in Many Areas of Structured Cabling

EDGE8 optimization for your data center - higher density, longer distances, and future-ready.

  • Port Mapping

    Breaking out parallel ports is beneficial for multiple applications, such as building large scale spine-and-leaf networks and enabling today’s high-density 10/25G networks. 

    • Optimized Harness Mapping: allows 24-, 32-, 36-, and 48-port blades on large chassis switches to be cabled with 8-fiber harnesses without unused fiber/connectors.
    • Optimized Port Breakout: 8-fiber port breakout modules map 4-challen parallel protocols (SR4, PSM4, etc.) cleanly to duplex ports.
  • Reduced Attenuation

    All EDGE8 solutions and MTP-LC modules, MTP trunks, and harnesses are manufactured to meet ultra-low-loss values.

    • 50% Reduction in Parallel Links: Eliminating the conversion modules cuts link attenuation in half, resulting in longer parallel link distances.
    • 30% Reduction in Link Attenuation: Improving MTP-LC module insertion loss performance decreases link attenuation and results in longer duplex link distances
  • Migration

    100% Fiber Utilization: parallel optics is the answer to ever-increasing demands on your network. For 4-channel (SR4, PSM4, etc.) and 8-channel (SR8, LR8) applications. Greater density, improved safety, higher signal quality, and cost reductions are the benefits parallel optics have to offer.

    • Now, more than ever, there are greater demands on your network – more density, improved safety, higher signal quality, and cost reductions. If you need to generate CapEx on day one, OpEx on day two, and beyond, consider parallel optics, which offer dramatic benefits over wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) for creating future-ready networks.

EDGE8 Products

EDGE8 Products

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Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Corning® CleanAdvantage™ Technology

Corning understands the value of clean connectors to ensure optical performance. We have developed a factory cleaning and sealing process, CleanAdvantage™ technology, to ensure a pristine end face upon first use.

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*Base case: Row of 18 server cabinets with four fibers provided to each cabinet

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