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Corning offers a complete line of solutions for every part of your optical local area network, from cables to connectors, hardware to accessories.

Your local area network (LAN) is the heart of your organization – connecting all the devices needed to run your business. Whether using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you need a foundation to support your needs today and allow your network to grow into the future. Creating the fiber backbone of your company is what we do. Corning offers a complete line of solutions from cables to connectors to hardware, accessories and more – we have you covered.

Explore our innovative solutions for a variety of local area network design options.



What Type of Local Area Network Are You Building?


Local Area Network Tools You Can Use

Enterprise Networks Bill of Materials Tool

Enterprise Networks Bill-of-Materials Tool

Forget the guesswork. We can help you select the fiber optic products you need for your enterprise network with our configurable LANscape® Solutions Bill-of-Materials Tool. 

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Enterprise Networks Core Product Guide

Enterprise Networks Core Products Guide

We’ve got technology for virtually every local area network need. But often it comes down to the 20 percent of products you need 80 percent of the time. We’ve boiled that down into our Enterprise Networks Core Products – the products most often used by our customers. 


Local Area Networks Design Checklist

Local Area Networks Design Checklist

Do you have what you need for your LAN design and installation? Our checklist ensures you’ve accounted for every item, from connectors to grounding kits.



5G Networks’ Impact on Fiber-Optic Cabling Requirements

5G Networks’ Impact on Fiber-Optic Cabling

5G networks promise to connect people and things through intelligent networks and applications, all generating an immense amount of data. It seeks to provide the best of all performance factors while simultaneously connecting more devices. These network advancements will enable and inspire a new wave of computing and technological innovation that will change the way we live and work. But before 5G becomes a reality, the network infrastructure has to be in place to support the billions of devices and the trillions of megabits of data that will flood the network. 

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Planning and designing for the arrival of the Internet of Things.

Planning and designing for the arrival of the Internet of Things.

Much has been written about the Internet of Things (IoT) over the last few years, discussing both the explosive growth projections in the number of attached devices and the anticipated value to global business that they will bring. The growth projections alone are staggering. From the chart in this article, you can see that the numerical growth from 2018 to 2019 is 3.52 billion IoT devices globally.

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Distance, Wattage Considerations Drive Power Decisions

Distance, Wattage Considerations Drive Decisions

Power over Ethernet – It’s an old concept with new applications happening today. As the concept is being re-imagined, why not also re-imagine your infrastructure to align data and power for the future of the building. New power solutions today enable high power options with traditional low-voltage labor and safety. Digital Electricity is one of those options that parallel the distance and space savings of optical fiber, reducing runs of CAT cabling and enabling PoE as it is being imagined today and in the near future. 

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Considerations in Outside Fiber-Optic Cable Design

Considerations in Outside Fiber-Optic Cable Design

The Outside Plant network is evolving due to ever increasing bandwidth demands and the push to drive fiber deeper and deeper into the network. Because of these trends we are seeing rising demand for fiber counts greater than 1000 fibers in one cable and simultaneously the desire to pack more and more fiber into a smaller cross sectional footprint. These demands require installers and designers to leverage different cable designs to meet current network complexity. 

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Secure Solutions

Whether you are providing mission critical military communications or enabling security and surveillance systems, it is essential that your network infrastructure delivers secure and reliable service at all times. Learn more about how our leading network solutions can enable more security, scalability, and faster speed of deployment.

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Local Area Network Technology Made Easy

We align and collaborate with noncompeting companies to foster innovations for future fiber optic technologies.

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