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Know Your FlexNAP™ System

Know Your FlexNAP™ System

Corning’s FlexNAP™ system is here to meet the unique challenges of modern network deployment. Our FlexNAP™ system is simple and intuitive, making training easy. With fewer components to manage in the field, you can reduce supply chain complexity. It also provides the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in distribution networks at speeds significantly faster than traditional field installations. Read on to learn more about this reliable and cost-saving system.

Widespread Adoption Widespread Adoption

The FlexNAP™ system has been widely adopted for FTTx deployment.

Proven Reliability Proven Reliability

Networks created with the FlexNAP™ system will be durable for years to come, making for resilient infrastructure.

Factory Quality Factory Quality

Our FlexNAP™ system uses only 100% factory-tested components.

Simple Repairs Simple Repairs

Maintainable for the long-run. Standardized procedures are in place for cable repairs. Cable cuts are managed similarly to bulk cable deployments.

Up to 5x Faster Deployment Up to 5x Faster Deployment

FlexNAP™ offers up to 5x faster deployment and 5x reduction in civil traffic/customer disruptions compared with traditional deployment.

Slimline Overmolds Slimline Overmolds

Reduce product space requirements to reduce costs.

Concentrated Fiber Splice Locations
Concentrated Fiber Splice Locations

Go simpler with 80% fewer field splice locations and up to 70% fewer splices total when compared to traditional deployments.

Reduced Supply Chain/Installation Complexity

Fewer components to manage in the field, protecting you from costly supply-chain disruptions.

Increased Labor Efficiency Increased Labor Efficiency

Faster subscriber turn-up using the same crew.


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Deployment Spotlight

Deployment Spotlight

Leveraging technology to offer next-generation services

Learn how the FlexNAP™ System allowed Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) to turn up customers at an impressive rate.

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Innovation Spotlight: From FlexNAP™ System to Evolv™

Innovation Spotlight: From FlexNAP™ System to Evolv™

Explore our Portfolio of Preconnectorized Solutions

The FlexNAP™ system revolutionized fiber to the home (FTT), offering unprecedented flexibility with network access points pre-installed at customer-specified locations along the length of the cable.

The FlexNAP™ system also simplifies deployment by utilizing our innovative preconnectorized cable solutions. Preconnectorized or “preconn” cables have optical connectors pre-installed and tested at our factories before being shipped to the field for easy installation as an assembly.

Corning’s history of preconn innovation continues to this day. If you’re looking for a next-level preconn FTTx solution, check out Evolv™ Solution with Pushlok™ technology. Evolv is an advanced future-ready solution made for 5G and beyond, featuring a smaller preconn terminal that can go anywhere as well as “stick-and-click” Pushlok mating to enable split-second connectivity.

Whatever challenges your particular network deployment brings, Corning is here with high-quality preconnectorized solutions that help control costs, increase speed, and reduce labor time.

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