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FlexNAP™ Deployment

FlexNAP™ Deployment

Ready to configure with FlexNAP™? Whether you are maintaining your infrastructure or building your network from the ground up, we are happy to discuss the details of your network. We can provide you with a cost analysis that compares the speed and cost of deployment for a full-splice, semi-preconnectorized, and full preconnectorized solution. 

The Corning FlexNAP system offers a fiber distribution solution that simplifies the way access networks are deployed, so that you can rapidly deploy connectivity and achieve a higher return on investment.


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Steps to Plan your FlexNAP™ Deployment

Waste-Water Pick your Cable Type - Aerial is typically a 5 ft tether, Buried is typically a 15 ft tether
•  Aerial - RPX® Cable or Loose Tube Cable
•  Buried - Toneable RPX Cable or Armored Loose Tube Cable
•  Duct - Toneable RPX Cable or Loose Tube Cable  
Waste-Water Pick your Tether locations - How many homes do you want to serve per location?
•  2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 homes per tether Loose Tube Cable
•  4, 8, or 12 homes per tether RPX Cable
•  Do you need one tether or more per location?  





Make your Terminal Selection
•  Aerial, buried or duct
•  Evolv® terminal or MDU terminal products  

Waste-Water Make your Drop Style Selection - Is your drop terminating inside or outside the house?
•  Outside ONT - ROC™ drop with home side typically SC APC or pigtail
•  Inside ONT - ROC drop to transition housing or indoor/outdoor ROC drop to indoor ONT


Additional FlexNAP™ Information

Additional FlexNAP™ Information

Access additional FlexNAP resources and information below. Explore FlexNAP Configuration details, technical documents from generic specifications to product specifications, and see the deployment of FlexNAP in case studies from all over the world.

Ready to Order FlexNAP™ for Your Network?

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