The FlexNAP™ System in Action

FlexNAP™ Design

FlexNAP™ Design

Each FlexNAP journey will be unique – and Corning is here to support you with your specific application and installation needs: such as aerial, buried, and inner-duct. Corning offers support depending on what type of system you are installing: urban, rural, or more dense spare systems. FlexNAP is also utilized in many architectures, including: Home Run, Centralized Split, Distributed Split, and Distributed/Optical Tap. Keep reading to take the steps in building out your network design, and to find which preconnectorized FlexNAP Design solution will work best for you.

FlexNAP solutions are available for Single Family Unit (SFUs) use, Multidwelling Unit (MDUs) use, Community Broadband, Small or Medium Business (SMBs) use, and 5G use. Let’s find your perfect FlexNAP Design!

Download our free whitepaper that explores the value and best practices of a preconnectorized deployment.


Architectures that FlexNAP™ Supports

FlexNAP™ systems support all architectures

Free 30-minute Network Design Experience

Curious about what to consider before deploying your FlexNAP System? We are offering a FREE 30-minute Network Design Experience to help you understand if the FlexNAP system is the right fit for you. This is a virtual meeting/consultation with the Corning Market Development Team to discuss your current network design plans. Contact us today if you’re interested in understanding how a preconnectorized Corning solution fits into your network design.

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