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Bringing broadband to your community

Bringing broadband to your community

Investing in your community by extending high speed internet to every home will pay dividends now and for generations to come. Building a network that meets the current demands of your community while considering future needs can generate many positive returns including:

• Increased job and population growth
• Higher rates of new business formation
• Increased home values
• Decreased unemployment rates
• Improved opportunities for innovation and productivity gains

Broadband expansion can also improve health and life outcomes, access to remote healthcare providers, online social networks, and educational opportunities.

Pharr, Texas successfully brought broadband to their community, learn how here.

6 Steps to Follow in Planning Your Broadband Network

6 Steps to Follow in Planning Your Broadband Network

Whether you’re an experienced network operator or tackling broadband for the first time, the following steps will help you create and manage a plan to implement a broadband network in your community.

Build Awareness and Understand Demand 1. Build Awareness and Understand Demand
Communicate and engage with your community to identify needs and address concerns.
Define the Project 2. Define the Project
Establish scope of the project, create budget estimates, and complete a feasibility study.
Design the Network 3. Design the Network
Create a design that incorporates all the services that meets the needs of your community.
Fund your network 4. Secure Funding
Identify funding sources, apply, and manage regulations and timelines.
deploy community broadband network 5. Deployment
Develop your implementation plan, establish formal processes, and build your network.
Operate and Maintain 6. Operate and Maintain
Document operating and maintenance procedures and manage resources to keep network running smoothly.

Let’s connect to create a solution that’s right for you today and scalable for generations to come.


Watch this video where Barry Walton covers potential service offerings you might consider when designing your community network. Check out our other videos on topics related to planning, designing and implementing a network in your community on our Community Broadband University page.

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