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Bring broadband home

Bring broadband home

Reliable, high-speed broadband is so much more than a network. It’s opportunity. Access. Convenience. The internet allows your neighbors the freedom to live where they want while having the resources they need to live their best life. 

  • Education: Give your kids a bright future with online courses in music and languages, and access to experts in advanced math and science.
  • Healthcare: Bring medical specialists your community deserves right to their homes through telemedicine.
  • Jobs: Grow businesses in your community while attracting new development and expanding employment opportunities for everyone.
  • Training: Help your neighbors access new skills and continuous learning to build careers, without leaving home.  

You have an important job to do, bringing internet to rural, remote, and underserved communities. You need a partner that can help you plan, design, deploy, and maintain a network while maximizing resources and supporting the commitment you’ve made to your community. 

Watch Now! GoNetSpeed and Corning Deploy Fiber Networks to Communities in Rural America

5 Steps To Follow in Building Your Rural Broadband Network

5 Steps To Follow in Building Your Rural Broadband Network

Whether you’re an experienced network operator or tackling broadband for the first time, the following steps will help you create and manage a plan to implement a broadband network in your community.

Define the Project 1. Define the Project

Establish scope of the project, answer any questions, collect data, make plans for the project.
Design the Network 2. Design the Network
Gather insights, tips, and best practices to ensure your network is designed and optimized for the future.
Fund your network 3. Determine Funding Source
Identify funding sources, apply, and manage regulations and timelines.Click on the link to learn more about BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program).
deploy community broadband network 4. Deployment
Develop your implementation plan, establish formal processes, and build your network.
Operate and Maintain 5. Operate and Maintain
Document operating and maintenance procedures and manage resources to keep your network running smoothly.

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