Connecting the hotel of tomorrow

Your guests are traveling with more devices, and higher expectations, than ever before. Whether they’re streaming, sharing, or working, they want the same level of connectivity that they have at home. Our experienced team can help you meet your guests’ ever-changing bandwidth demands, by giving your property a future-ready foundation for easy network expansion down the road. Unlike traditional copper networks, Corning’s “wire-it-once” fiber-based solutions are modular and scalable. You’ll get speed and reliability today and in the future. It’s easy to add applications with little to no new network infrastructure, making rip-and-replace upgrades a thing of the past.

Choose fiber for security, flexibility, and guest satisfaction

Although hotel owners know up-to-date guest technology and point-of-sale (PoS) security is critical to their businesses, often their IT budgets don’t reflect that importance. On average, less than 5% of their overall revenue is allocated for technology investment, and 45% they say don’t have the budget to meet their goals. Corning’s “wire-it-once” fiber-based solutions can help stretch your dollars farther, reducing future cabling updates in the horizontal that cost time and money.

Imagine the possibilities of a fiber-to-the-room network


Support in-room Wi-Fi, Internet protocol television (IPTV), and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones


Reduce the need for parallel network infrastructure


Take back space with a smaller cable footprint – less tray space and conduit required



Deploy with flexibility for passive optical network (PON) or active Ethernet


Easily upgrade for additional applications, like small cell or added security


Reduce or eliminate the number of intermediate distribution frame (IDF) closets on multiple floors


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