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Corning Women’s Partnership for Growth (CWPG)

Corning Women’s Partnership for Growth (CWPG)

Women's Partnership for Growth is focused on educating employees, advancing female leadership, building networks, and supporting communities. All employees have mothers, daughters, sisters, or friends they want to see succeed. We work together to provide women with resources, tools, and mentorship to help break down barriers and explore solutions to help them thrive in the workplace and at home. We encourage all employees to engage and connect to empower women to reach their full personal potential. 


Our mission is to champion an environment in which all women at Corning have an opportunity to achieve their full career potential by encouraging self-development, leadership skills, and outreach through an open forum.


CWPG has grown to reach a wide cross-section of the employee population (both women and men). In the Corning, New York area satellite programs have emerged in outlying plant locations. Globally, CWPG has grown to be Corning’s largest and most global ERG, with global chapter locations. Programs on issues such as career planning, work/life balance, leadership, and communication skills are offered.