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Protecting People, Property, Values

Protecting People, Property, Values

Corning Global Security plays a critical role in Corning’s core mission to invent, make, and sell. The function continually evolves and adapts based on the growth and risk exposure of the corporation, allowing innovation to occur safely and effectively across borders and barriers while providing security for our people and facilities all around the world.

Corning Global Security also helps ensure business continuity and policy compliance through various methods:

  • The Visitor Management System registers all guests – vetting their identification and ensuring that they are properly protected and accounted for while in a Corning facility. 
  • The travel risk management team continuously analyzes and assesses potential security threats around the world and compares high-risk areas with employees’ travel itineraries. Global Security proactively reaches out to travelers when a potential threat or risk surfaces.
  • Business continuity and emergency response plans that sustain and continually improve Corning's ability to protect and quickly recover critical activities and resources.
  • Our program around the prevention of workplace violence helps employees understand key issues and works to ensure that our workplace is supportive and safe.
  • Extensive cooperative relationships with law enforcement agencies throughout the world help develop a broad understanding of risk and enable timely support when needed.

Corning Global Security is headquartered in the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), a state-of-art, 24-hour-a-day, 365 day-per-year “first call” for reporting all global events that could impact Corning.

Corning Global Security, whose mantra is “Protecting People, Property, and Values,” is proud that its goals and function naturally and essentially strengthen Corning’s strategy around sustainability.