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Employee Resource Groups



These multi-ethnic Employee Resource Groups help to promote the heritage or ethnicity of their members by offering educational opportunities, networking, cultural events, and social gatherings.

Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees (EDGE)

Embrace Diversity, achieve your potential

EDGE is open to all Corning employees and strives to be a place for cultural celebration and personal development. This group works to create an environment where cultural diversity contributes to Corning’s success. It empowers people to leverage their unique backgrounds to achieve their professional goals. 

Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Asian and Latin Group (MTE ALG)

This group represents employees of Asian or Latin American descent working within the Manufacturing, Technology & Engineering (MTE) division at Corning. This group strives to provide a base of support that helps members to perform to their full potential and contribute at all levels in this organization.  

Interesting Fact

EDGE created an event called Passport to the World. This event is attended by hundreds of employees and senior leaders and provides participating groups the opportunity to showcase the various cultures represented at Corning from around the world.