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Corning Family Support Network

Corning Family Support Network

Supporting and advocating for Corning employees and their families

The Corning Family Support Network (CFSN) is an Employee Resource Group focused on supporting and advocating for employees and their families. Through the cycle of life, from expecting to dealing with elder care. CFSN has communities of interest that specialize in a specific focus area that employees may be experiencing:

First Steps – Focused on helping to create a healthy work-life balance for expecting families and those with young children.

Adoption & Fostering – Advocating and offering support, education and a network to those who have fostered or adoption children, and/or are looking to do so.

Solo Parenting – Designed to offer guidance and support to employees as they journey through each phrase of solo parenthood.

Elder Care – Concentrate on providing support and programming that offer employees information and resources to assist them in navigating their elderly loved one’s elderly care issues.​

Childhood Cancer Awareness Team (CCAT) – Designed to increase awareness of childhood cancers and to help those that are dealing with it through various information and fundraising activities held annually. 

School-Age & Teenagers – Empower those in a parenting role to find their voice and feel supported as they move in their parenting and career journeys cohesively. ​