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Our Commitment in Action

Our Commitment in Action

Just a few examples of our commitment to protecting our environment:

  • We invented EAGLE XG® glass, the industry’s first LCD glass with no added heavy metals or halides, which makes possible TVs that are eco-friendly before, during, and after their use in homes around the world.
  • We produce diesel vehicle exhaust filters that capture 99 percent of soot particles.
  • We deployed an environmental management system (EMS) more than a decade ago. Now, every Corning facility in the world has instituted either the Corning EMS or ISO 14001 (a global standard for EMS certification).
  • We invented the ceramic substrate that is a key element in many of the world’s automotive catalytic converters. “Our substrates have helped capture billions of tons of air pollutants over the past 40 years,” says Hal Nelson, division vice president and business director for Corning Environmental Technologies. “As a result, millions of people worldwide breathe cleaner air.”

We continue to implement our environmental policy by:

  • Complying with, and striving to exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and company standards
  • Maintaining environmental management systems at all facilities
  • Reusing or recycling waste materials
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Encouraging the use of technologies and materials that are friendly to the environment
  • Promoting measures to reduce water and energy use, to reduce air emissions and lessen their impact, and to minimize the impact of wastewater discharge and waste disposal