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ADAPT (Abled and Disabled Partnering Together)

ADAPT (Abled and Disabled Partnering Together)

Disability is not something anyone hopes and plans for - when it happens it can be challenging and at times overwhelming. Disability comes in many forms: short-term, permanent, invisible, visible, intellectual, physical, or emotional. Disability can occur suddenly or gradually to you, a child, a spouse, or colleague.

Corning’s ADAPT Employee Resource Group is here to help capture best practices, share resources, and provide networking opportunities. Ultimately, we aim to help employees manage their work-life balance and improve working relationships between employees and managers, as well as to increase cooperation and understanding around disability.


Our mission is to advocate for individuals with disabilities, and is made up of individuals with disabilities, parents of individuals with disabilities, and employees who have the desire to understand and educate others about disability. We hope to see you at our meetings, education events, or awareness celebrations.


Align our strategy with corporate objectives to maximize the contributions and respect of all Corning employees worldwide.